In the sidelines of EGX 2015, Shuhei Yoshida, the charismatic President of Sony Entertainment?s worldwide studios, spoke at length about the journey that PlayStation had taken in the UK and elsewhere over the years. Though EGX 2015 followed the Tokyo Games Show so closely, Yoshida had taken time off to attend the meet in an apparent recognition of the support extended by the UK public for Sony?s PlayStation for 20 years now. With PlayStation VR, the new console, which in all likelihood is to be launched in the UK next year, the presence of Yoshida in EGX 2015 was all the more significant. In a freewheeling interview, Yoshida has spoken at length about the journey of PlayStation thus far as well as about the challenges ahead for the product which had turned the concept of entertainment.

Yoshida?s Favourite

Shuhei Yoshida, in his candid interview, revealed that his favourite remained PS Vita on which he plays among other games, the latest release-The Super Time Force Ultra. He had very forthrightly lamented about the game publishers of Japan vis-a-vis that of the more liberal western publishers, who are more enterprising in supporting the latest generation games. However,he also did not fail to mention the launch of games like Nioh, which was specifically designed for the latest generation console, the PS4.

The Christmas Package

The PS4 fans who have been pampered with a variety of titles like Call of Duty, Battlefront and Assassin, however, always look out for more game releases. Yoshida had good news for these voracious gamers about the launch of new games for the year-end. Yoshida revealed that Everybody?s Gone to Rapture and Tomorrow?s Children are in the pipeline for release in 2015. He has termed these games as very creative, though smaller in comparison to the existing games of PS4. Yoshida has further underlined that 2016 could see release of some blockbuster games like Uncharted 4.

Until Dawn

Yoshida was also up-front in expressing his happiness about how the fans have received Until Dawn. Considering that Until Dawn was not promoted in a very big way, Yoshida opined that the success of Until Dawn was a precursor for the interactive drama genre of games on PlayStation. This, according to Yoshida, is yet another platform to help further push the sale of the game console.

The Revolutionary PlayStation VR

Yoshida spelt out his opinion on the PlayStation VR stating optimistically that the technology was something, which would come to stay with users, not only in case of entertainment, but also in different spheres of life. He further explained why Sony had stuck to the PlayStation prefix for the product when it is clearly being seen as a product for non-gamers too. Yoshida conceded that such a prefix would help users identify with the fun concept of the product.

The Future of PlayStation

Candidly, Yoshida admitted to the challenges PlayStation faces from other platforms like mobile phones, but believes that the challenges would ultimately be turned in to opportunities. We will just need to wait and watch!


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