When I was younger, my favorite game was Super Mario Bros. So naturally, when I heard that Nintendo was making a NEW Super Mario Bros for the Wii, I pre-ordered it and I was not disappointed! They took the best of the old games and juxtaposed it with great new technology and created a stellar game. The iconic music is back, the look and feel of the game remained the same, but with better graphics and superb improvements, which is exactly what I was wanting in this new version.

New Super Mario Bros., like its retro predecessor, is a side scrolling game that revolves around defeating familiar bad guys and collecting coins. There are also three golden coins that you can collect throughout every normal level (excluding the haunted houses and the castles.) If you collect every golden coin from every level, you gain access to a secret ninth world at the end of the game. Finding all of the coins was quite challenging; Some of them are hidden, some require ingenuity (or other players for help) and others require fast finger work. The game, overall, couldn’t have been more satisfying for me to play!

I found the best feature to be the multi-player action. There is no more waiting around for your friend to play as Luigi like in the retro Mario bros. games. You and your teammates (you can play as either Mario, Luigi, blue toad or yellow toad) can help each other in this new iteration of the game! Although, if you are playing with all four players, it tends to be a hindrance rather than a benefit, but it’s still a ton of fun. There’s also a neat feature where players can pick each other up and throw them. And there’s plenty of competition if you are the competitive type!

The second best feature has to be Yoshi! That’s right – Yoshi is back! Although he isn’t available throughout the entire game, there are quite a few levels that feature Yoshi eggs. Hopping around on Yoshi’s back gives you the added capabilities of eating otherwise invincible bad guys, being able to float in air when you jump and getting extra goodies if your Yoshi eats enough apples.

There are so many new treats in this game, as well. There are new suits for the players that provide special abilities such as: being able to fly a bit with the propeller suit, being able to freeze enemies in ice flower mode and the capability to swim effortlessly AND throw ice balls at enemies with the crazy awesome penguin suit!

If this hasn’t piqued your interest, there are also two extra levels that you can play with friends: A coin battle where you each try to snatch up as many coins as possible and a free for all mode where you can play any level with a friend.

This game made my list of top 5 favorite games of all time, and I imagine it’ll be quite some time before it gets replaced.


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