Gaming is indeed a great pastime. Whether you are waiting for the traffic to move or stuck in the classroom, playing a game on your phone is a break from life?s monotony. These days there are thousands of games that you can choose and play on your Android device. There are many games out there and choosing one is a herculean task. Worry not, we will tell the ones that are worth your time.

Some games are free to play, while the others you need to download and pay a fee. It is always difficult to narrow something this subjective to a handful, but we took up the challenge and give you these options. Hope you like them as much as we do.

Most of the choices are surrounded around the game that involves puzzles. It is good to exercise the grey cells in the brain. These games give you a high as well. And you might get sharper than your classmates after playing these games as well.

#1-The Branch

This game is developed by Ketchapp and was founded in May this year. The hero of the game stands on a rectangular branch. He has to make his way through the obstacles to reach the ultimate goal. You need to be wary of your speed for the game. The protagonist can go forward and turn in three other directions. Your main objective is to make sure the hero is safe from all the obstacles by turning the game around when you spot danger. There are various bonus points scattered around, so, try and collect those as well. The graphics are amazing.

#2-Bird Climb

It was released by BoomBit Games in June this year. The bird in the game is surrounded by two walls. There are objects poking from the walls. Your main objective is to make sure the bird is safe. The multiplayer option adds a fun element to the game.

#3-Current Flow

The game is released by BigDuckGames and was launched in December last year. This is one of the few games in which you have to apply your brain. There are lines of different colours and you need to use the grid space to match the dots of the same colour. The best feature of the game is its simplicity. You do not have to spend hours to understand it. Once you get the hang of it, it is very addictive!

#4-Freaking Math

The game is developed by Luongbang and was released in May this year. It is a very simple game. There will be a set of simple mathematical problems displayed on the screen. You have to answer them correctly while a clock is ticking alongside. The game is very addictive and easy at the same time.

#5-Does Not Commute

Developed by Mediocre and released to the public in June, this game is also very popular. The game has a car and you have to travel safely from one point to the next. There is a clock to mark your moves.


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