It comes as no surprise that the mobile gaming industry has recently been getting a lot of attention.

Developers have been successful in coming up with interactive games on mobile phones as the reaction of the audience has been phenomenal.

One of the leading US-based video game publishers, Bethesda, who is considered on the top of the list when it comes to making video games, has successfully come up with interactive ones.

They have mad games such as the Fallout series and the Elder Scrolls. Fallout Shelter, their newest venture, remained on the top of the charts as the game that was most downloaded in iOS.

It is one thing to devise a game for the mobile phone, but it is a completely different ball game to have the game look good on the smartphone.

One of the crucial reasons was that many phones did not have the software to run these games that were equipped with high-end graphics.

The Role Playing Games (RPG) has gained popularity ever since the mobile phones started upgrading to a better operating system.

Now, almost all the superior graphic games can be now experienced on your mobile phone, thanks to extremely great software.

It almost feels that you were playing a game on Xbox or the PlayStation.

There are numerous games that you can choose to play, here; we tell you the best ones to choose for Android.

#1-Banner Saga

The game will force you to be your own hero and take the important decisions. You will accompany several men through a landscape and encounter several obstacles and hurdles. You can also choose your own narrative.

The combat plays a significant role in the game. The visual imagery is outstanding. In fact, the game has been appreciated for its animation and hand-drawn characters.

The game can be played on iOS, Android and PC.

#2-Lone Wolf

The format of the game is compelling and is structured in the form of a story that is intriguing.

If you encounter an enemy, then the visuals change and become darker. The combat will lead you forward into the game.

The first act of the game is free to download. However, rest of the levels need to be paid for.

The graphics make you feel as if you are watching a 3D movie. The sound also gels well with the theme. The feel of the game is very raw!

#3-Dungeon Hunter 5

The game comes under the category of hack ?n? slash. It also has several multiplayer modes.

The game is a labyrinth of surprise situations and you have to deal with it while making crucial decisions. Nevertheless, the quality of the graphics is amazing.

#4-Zenonia S: Rifts In Time

Zenonia can be a remembered as the animated cartoon. The game is the struggle and journey of the girl to overcome several difficulties.

The quality of the graphics is quite nice.

#5-Battleheart Legacy

The game is a combination of dialogues and a quest. The RPG is on real time basis.

The graphics aren?t very powerful; hence, this game loses some points!

So, there you have it! These are the top five, rather best games of 2015 on the Android platform.


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