So here?s this ?motion picture? based video game that I almost ignored. My experience has taught me that games based on movies are thrown together images on old game engines ? just for drumming up more interest in the story; this hasn?t always been the case, but often. ?Goldeneye? on N64 was certainly one exception; ?Arkham Asylum? by ?Rocksteady Studios? was am epic thriller chiller, though not based on a film ? but widely capitalized Batman! Why not? The themes are never the problem; role playing in role playing isn?t redundant, it?s cool.

So I wanted to try ?The Amazing Spider-man 2? released by ?Activision? and developed by ?Beenox? ? not so I?d have something to comment on, but because as a child, ?Spidey? was my favorite hero. Something about his agility and speed gave him a textbook super-human style. I?m sure the suit; the colors; and theme didn?t hurt much either. I was a devote fan, and even had a Birthday cake of Spiderman one year ? this wasn?t a readily available thing at the time; some lady we knew made custom cakes from molds she ordered, and completed the image with icing. This is important stuff.

Spider-man perched on building at night

The game begins with Peter coming out of convenience store ? as in movie one ? and he hears a gunshot ? Uncle Ben is shot. Here one of the main objectives of the game has already begun ? hunting down his killer; the same hooded dude that ?helps you out? I guess, with the quart of chocolate milk you were short change on. It was in fact that moment ? because he robs the store ? that makes the store-clerk holler for help, and draws Uncle Ben to step in his way.

The specifics of the story are sometimes very important; in this case Peter was a smart guy with deep-seeded turmoil and lose in his life; destined to affect change; but still just a guy ? a guy who was bitten by a genetically modified super spider. The game walks you through learning the ropes ? stopping a crime in progress; saving Stan Lee ? the ?Marvel? guy ? from a fire, and visiting his comic book shop were you could come back later to see bonus features, and even play an arcade game of Spiderman ? a good way to practice dodge and attack skills.

When you first begin to web your way between buildings it seemed to me, helplessly awkward; but with more practice something super awesome started revealing itself. First, the city scape is Manhattan, and while I?m sure it isn?t exact to form, it is vast and seems like a complete city. I took a free-roaming trip to the top of the Empire State Building to get a better view, and even jumped into the Hudson River. New moves come along as you go, including more web strength and speed. Efficiently hurling yourself between the buildings is frantic and wicked.

You hack your way into a cellular tower to listen to the city for signs of violence, crime, and most importantly, your Uncle?s killer. Very early on you get a name from some thug ? another clue to go along with the star tattoo on his wrist that you remember from the store. While listening in you hear his name, a gun-trade deal going down, and you?re off. He hops in a car to escape with some other thugs, and they grab a hostage. You have to jump onto the car and your first focus ? Peter?s conscience ?I know Uncle Ben, hostages first.? After saving the hostage, the killer slips away?or not; after continuing the pursuit, you find Ben?s killer dead in an alley, and a call sign sprayed on a brick wall. A killer who hunts killers is on the loose.

The action goes on to include some intense boss battles where you are required to use your webs along with dodging and striking to successful take ?em out. There are some pretty creative uses of web and structures that you learn along the way; there are some moody environments too ? the city?s sewer system, and a classic theater, etc. Eventually you must face ?Electro? the very troubled soul with fast attacks after web constraints, melee attacks, and being flung into the air a couple times ? if you?re good ? you?ll win. There are still yet two more ?boss? battles in the game ? The Green Goblin, and Cletus Kasady the killer?s killer.

Every game lover should probably own a copy of this one for merely its unique mechanics. Swinging at high speeds through a 3D field is an experience all its own. We have flying games, and foot soldiers tromping around landscapes, definitely some great jumpers out there ? but only one Spider-man! He will always be cool. The style and coloring of this title reminds be more of an ?Electronic Arts? release ? kind of a vibrant arcade-style ARPG. The Amazing Spider-man 2 reminds me somewhat of the look and feel in ?Half-Life?, as opposed to smoldering and shaded scenes like those in ?Skyrim? for example.

This title is available for Playstation3/4, Xbox 360/One, Wii U, and many other platforms including PC. My guess is that the PS4 will have the most seamless graphics, but that is only speculation from past experience ? and maybe some favoritism. We can all be heroes; and we can all look good in a spandex suit – most of us already have the spider reflexes ? at least with our triggers and thumbs!

Spider-man climbing Oscorp

This game may cause dizziness ? even from a seated position ? and when you are slingshotting, and running up the Oscorp tower you may experience delusions of grandeur!








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