New Xbox One experience testers have faced warnings from Microsoft. The news has come as a shock to the company, but they are dealing with it now. It all started when Microsoft detected that an array of games, functionality and features may not operate well during the preview period. Some issues, problems and bugs are always expected whenever any new preview takes place but this one was not. However, the best part is that Microsoft has acknowledged the errors publicly. In fact, the newest update is likely to affect the hardware, apps and games. Read on further to find about the errors and expected solutions for the new Xbox One.

Errors and Bugs

At the time of the first wave of preview, Borderland: The Handsome Collection and Destiny: The Taken King are expected to fail. On the other hand, the preview notes of the Xbox forums hint that Assassin?s Creed Unity and Forza Motorsport may suffer from some graphical errors. Not only this, but the testing phase may also face some sort of freezing and crashes. Microsoft has made it clear that any third-party racing wheels, media remote and other use of accessories may cause some errors at the launch. The Xbox forums enlist all the possible errors that are likely to be witnessed on the big day.

The New Xbox One Experience Testing Period

  • All the people who are a member of the Xbox One Preview Program will receive an invite in their Xbox Live message.
  • The Xbox Preview Dashboard can then be launched from that invite and members can choose the option of registration.
  • After that, members can opt-in by choosing Preview ? New Xbox One Experience.
  • The members who do not wish to take part in the update can drop the registration as preview. It will not remove them from the Xbox Preview Program and they will continue to get program updates on a regular basis.
  • For those who have opted in, new build will roll out after a specific period of time. Furthermore, the technical team will attempt to improve the features detected during the phase of preview testing.
  • Opting out will reset the entire Xbox One machine and will wipe all the apps and the saved data on the console.

Without a doubt, the new Xbox One experience requires a number of changes and new features. Some features even require an improved loading time and a new community section in order to make the console social. In addition to this, the ?Revamped OneGuide? aims at becoming the one destination that players require for movies, TV and all the video apps. Not only this, but the new Xbox One experience is also expected to be powered by Windows 10 that will enable all the members to experience all the famous gaming features up to 50 times faster.

The new launch is due in November. All the members and fans of Xbox One are waiting eagerly for the launch. Become a member of the Xbox One Preview Program and receive interesting updates regularly!


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