Even if you play a whole lot of games on your iPad, nothing would have prepared you for a controller that you have to use with your feet! The Swingy iPad Controller is just that and you have to balance on it in order to play games. This innovative new product is actually a pair of balance boards made of curved hunks of wood. This is a fantastic product that lets you take a far more physical approach to gaming than any other controller allows. In fact, the game gives you a great way to work your abs without even realising that you are getting exercise!

The new game controller is extremely unusual given that it consists of a set of wooden steps with curved bottoms on which you have to stand, making slight alterations in your stance that will enable you to maintain your balance. Each footrest is fitted with a sensor, which can be paired to your iPad with the help of Bluetooth LE, which means that there won?t be any wires getting in the way of your games. The use of Bluetooth LE means that when you launch the app, the controller will be automatically paired to the iPad.

You will be able to play Swing Pong using this controller. As and when you change position to angle the balance boards, you?ll find that the paddles on your iPad screen change position. The Swingy is a great deal of fun to play and you won?t get bored of it even if you use it often. The difficulty levels increase quite fast and there are also plenty of powerups to keep things moving along. The gameplay is really slick and fast and this controller offers a truly slick experience that very few others can offer.

The Swingy is a very versatile product and it is designed to be used by people of a wide range of ages. It can be played by kids as young as four or five without any loss of sensitivity and also by adults weighing up to 300 pounds. There is plenty of space on top of the rockers to accommodate your feet and they have a non-skid surface that helps you balance on them even if you tilt them very much. The rockers are made of beechwood and they look like they will last a long time. They have also been given attractive designs, mostly targeted towards kids, although we hear that adult patterns will also be available soon.

The drawback of this controller is a fairly obvious one; there is only one game at present that can be played with it. However, the company has another game in the works. There are rumours that the developer is working on a game with a surfing theme or even a ski jumping theme. Swingy is currently on Kickstarter and indications are that it will be shipped by March next year. It is no doubt an unusual product and this is why it is likely to do well.


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