Very few video game companies or games can boast of a devoted fan base like the one Super Mario from Nintendo enjoys. Super Mario fans have been going strong for more than three decades now and they have helped bolster sales of the franchise no matter what the competition did. Sales of the franchise have always been good and fans have bought 310 million units of various games so far. So, it should come as no surprise to industry watchers that this game is well on its way to achieving epic sales figures. According to a statement released by Nintendo, Super Mario Maker has already sold more than 1 million units worldwide since its launch in the second week of September 2015 in Japan, Europe, America and Australia.

True to form, the latest game in the franchise, Super Mario Maker has not disappointed even though the game is vastly different from the others that preceded it. The game is meant to be played on the Nintendo Wii U and players get to create their own Mario levels as they progress in the game. The levels can be created in four separate game styles using the Wii U GamePad controller. There are a whole lot of variables in the game, including enemies, power ups and other items, and players can design levels in great detail.

Nintendo also announced proudly that video gamers or ?fan developers? have managed to create a whopping 2.2 million courses for the game. Furthermore, these courses have been played more than 75 million times in the two weeks that the game has been in the market. All of this point to the fact that the game has managed to thrill its fans and engage them like very few other games have been able to. The courses are all quite different from the other, and while some are fairly simple to play, others have a very high level of complexity.

There was a lot of confusion and negativity when Nintendo had first announced that players would be permitted to design levels of the game in order to upload them for others to try out. In fact, this has proven to be a major selling point for the game since fans have taken to the idea in large numbers. The massive sales figures of the game testify to the success of this strategy and the dedication of Nintendo fans. Nintendo has been proven right that fan engagement levels can be measured not only by absolute sales figures, but also by level creation.

The success of the Super Mario Maker goes to show how much the video gaming industry has changed over the past few years and not only over the last few decades. Video gamers expect a high level of engagement these days and they also enjoy the social aspect of playing video games more than ever before. As far as this game is concerned, it seems to have thrilled critics and gamers alike; and this is indeed good news for Nintendo.


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