It?s no exaggeration that Sunset Overdrive is a game like no other; it?s absolutely over the top, cartoonish and unrestrained, just the thing you need when you need a pick-me-up.

This third-person shooter video game has the right combination of comedy and action. The player, a janitor of FizzCo, fictional Sunset Company?s fictional soda company, which has managed to turn its customers into mutants called ODs, has to battle these mutants to save the day.

The premise of the game is very simple, but it?s a whole lot of fun because you get to do all sorts of freaky stunts and use fearsome weapons. It also helps that the game is liberally peppered with cuss words.

This hyperactive and multi-coloured video game is a great way to spend time without having to think too much.

You start by creating a character of your choice (you get to change the avatar anytime you want).

Sure, you?re the janitor on whom the story depends, but there are a lot of other people also trying to battle the mutants and a mix of other bad guys.

You get to team up with these groups of people and fight your way out of situations. This game isn?t very PC and you may feel uncomfortable about the stereotyping that the game uses.

As long as you realise that it?s not meant to be taken seriously, there realluy shouldn?t be a problem. In any case, people from the groups make fun of the stereotyping now and then.

This is without doubt a cool game to play, especially when you find yourself surrounded by enemies and threatened by a flood of green slime.

It?s been designed beautifully and the quality of sets and action is absolutely fantastic. The mobility system is outstanding, and you?ll be able to clamber up and down practically every surface available, zipping from building to building over telephone lines and bouncing off cars.

If nothing else is available, you can easily run over walls or even ponds, lakes and the like.

The game places such an emphasis on moving around that it can get quite difficult to keep pace with the action.

You?ll actually fare better if you move around than if you try fighting. If you don?t figure this out early enough, your scores will drop.

On the other hand, you can rack up style points by employing the right moves. There are plenty of collectibles to be found throughout the game and you?ll be able to enjoy the game a lot more if you use them to amp up your skills or the weapons you use.

In fact, we suggest that you spend some effort looking for these collectibles and buying maps, if necessary. You can also earn badges whenever you perform specific activities, using them to get overdrives.

If you expect a realistic looking game, then this is definitely not the one to play. Even though the selection of mission types can get a bit repetitive, this is overall a great game to play.

You can join the Chaos Squads if you want some group action, however, be aware that some of the challenges here can be extremely difficult.

All in all, we feel that this is one of the best XboxOne games available even if it does have a few problems here and there.


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