This is great news for all video game lovers. Microsoft has officially declared that the streaming feature of its games can now be availed publicly. Players can now enjoy playing Xbox One games on Windows 10 too.

If you are in love with games like Forza Horizon 2 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, but are unable to play them on Windows 10, then you?ll be able to do it now. Microsoft has made it possible to play all your favourite games on your PC, table or Mac with Windows 10. All you need is your system, internet connection and the most advanced version of the Xbox app installed on it.

The Biggest Advantage of Streaming

You need to know that the biggest benefit of game streaming is that you can simply pick up from where you left off. The best part is that it can be done even when your friends and family are using the television. However, you need to adjust a few settings on your PC and Xbox One that runs Windows 10 to enable this very feature.

To start with, switch on your Xbox One and go to the Settings section. Choose the option of Preferences and then click on Allow Game Streaming to Other Devices. Next you need to set it up on tablet or PC with Windows 10. First, choose Connect in the Xbox app. You will now see a menu on the left hand side from where you need to select Add a Device option. After that, choose your Xbox console, and then attach a wired Xbox One controller to the PC or tablet.

Now you need to go to Home and choose Recently Played in order to select the game. Finally, click on Play from Console. This will get the streaming process going. It may seem a bit intimidating and a little difficult at first, but it?d quite simple. You will hardly have any issues in streaming it.

Gain Complete Control

For the ones who wish to have complete control of their Xbox One through the PC, they need to follow the method mentioned below. In the Home section, you will see Game Streaming option. Always remember that to do this, the latest version of Xbox app is required. Without it, you will not be able to stream it. After you have made all the required settings, a notification will be displayed on the screen conforming that streaming session has been started by the user. However, you will not be able to stream a game to your PC and game on the console simultaneously.

Your console will show In Use, which means streaming feature has been used by the user in the room. If you have not yet tried streaming and enjoying Xbox One games on your PC, then follow any one method above. You do it once, and you?ll easily be able to do it the next time. It?s that simple!

So, why not take advantage of the new Windows 10 OS and start streaming your Xbox One games on your PC and play?


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