Nintendo’s very quirky and colourful shooter game, which can be played online, Splatoon has touched the one million mark already.

With a new and great milestone, Splatoon will probably be played more online.

The company announced this recently, and the total includes both, digital downloads and also physical copies sold from the Wii U eShop.

In America alone, the figure is about 476,000, in Japan the total number sold is about 368,000, in Europe over 230,000 sold, and additional 20,000 sold in New Zealand and Australia.

In an official statement released by the COO and Nintendo American President, Reggie Fils Aime, he said that ever since the game was first launched on 29 May in the United States, they have been noticing that a lot of people go online to play and have some fun in this vibrant, yet chaotic game.

This new milestone has put the company in a very pleasant position, especially when the launch of more exclusive Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games is expected.

This will supposedly release by this year-end, which will have digital offerings, plus amiibo, and also games from their third-party partners.

The game is set in a colourful Inkopolis, run by the Inklings. Here, you can take the form of a human, command, or squid, and ink is everything to them!

The mechanics of the ink is what makes this game very interesting and by running with ink all over makes you very empowering, yet snappy.

The transformation happens very quickly and it may get a little overwhelming for you to cope up with the game.

However, the multiplayer option in Splatoon is its highlight. You even have an option of playing against a gang of online players as they try to take over your playing area with their team’s ink.

The small rewards here and there in Spaltoon make it very fun and also different from the rest of the game.

If you are someone who doesn’t like serious shooting games because it is gritty and has war torn worlds, then this is a wonderful game with a hint of charm and inventive ideas.

The developers have been continuously working on unlocking new models, maps, and weapons in order to make this game fresh.

Remember that you need internet access in order to play the game online. This game also comes with parental control, which is great as it lets you manage the content your child can have access to.

There is also an upcoming Splatfest tournament. The game will plunge in to darkness and once the lights go off, the teams can start firing.

All About Nintendo

They are a pioneer in creating entertainment, which is very interactive.

The Nintendo Co. Ltd. is based out of Kyoto, Japan and so is the hardware manufacturer for Wii and Wii U home consoles, Nintendo 3DS and family entertainment systems.

While everyone is waiting for Zelfa, the next Wii U game to be launched, Splatoon is doing a fine job of filling in the void!


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