Getting a Sony PS3 is just the first step towards enjoying video gaming; you need to equip yourself will all the best games you can play on it.

If you know anything about video games, then you?ll be aware of the fact that there are literally hundreds of games vying for your attention.

Why don?t you simplify things a little by deciding to check out the Sony PS3 exclusive titles?

In fact, many of these titles occupy the list of the best ever PS3 games of all time. We?ve put together a list of the top 10 titles only to make things easier for you, so here goes and they are in no particular order.


Follow the story of Cole McGrath, an unassuming bike courier who somehow acquires electric charged superpowers and uses these powers to restore order in his city that has been devastated by a powerful explosion.

This game is special because it expects you to use your powers to aid good or evil, with corresponding character growth.

#2-Killzone 2

It?s perfectly okay to skip the first one as long as you pick up Killzone 2 and maybe 3.

It has excellent animation and thrilling action that doesn?t get repetitive at all. So, you can kill the wicked alien warriors to your heart?s content.

#3-Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

This game is a keeper because it manages to stand out in an exceptionally good series that has quick action and attractive animation.

It?s an absolutely enjoyable game and it adds many new gameplay mechanics to the series. You?ll love the fact that it features all sorts of amazing weaponry that can be customised to the user.

#4-God of War III

This is a must-have for mythology buffs since its set in the Greek myths. You take on the role of Kratos, son of Zeus and once the God of War.

Seeking revenge on account of being betrayed by Zeus, you now battle all the Olympian Gods with a bit of help from Athena.

The third game is the most exciting one of the series of five.

#5-Resistance: Fall of Man

If you like science fiction with a touch of horror, then this is the game for you.

Set in 1951 when Britain has been invaded by evil aliens, this game has been a roaring success, both critically and commercially.

You may not like the first game in the series, but Fall of Man is a truly excellent first-person shooter game.

#6-MLB 13 The Show

Simply put, there is no better sports game available today. You?ll enjoy playing it even if you don?t know much about baseball.

#7-LittleBigPlanet 2

This one is for the little kids and it offers them great outlets for energy and creativity. They will actually be able sharpen their minds, while doing entertaining puzzles.


A game with a truly unusual theme and look, Journey actually offers you an emotional experience.

You get to control a robed figure that travels through a desert, and will encounter other players, but can only communicate via musical chimes.

This game has won many awards and you definitely need to try it out!

#9-Heavy Rain

This is a fantastic film noir thriller in which you try to solve the mystery of the Origami killer who drowns his many victims whenever there is heavy rain.

The game is visually stunning and you?ll be on the edge of your seat when you play it.

#10-Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Most gamers will agree that this is absolutely the best video game of all time. Play it to see Nathan Drake follow in Marco Polo?s footsteps as he tumbles into adventures and seeks fabled treasures.


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