Sony?s much awaited cloud gaming service, PlayStation Now was officially released in the United Kingdom. The subscription service is available at a very reasonable subscription rate per month and it offers the company?s customers the opportunity to use their beloved PlayStation 3 titles on their PlayStation 4 consoles or on other internet enabled devices.

The launch of the PS4 was no doubt greeted with a lot of enthusiasm thanks to its many attractive features, but the inability to play older titles has been a big problem for gamers who don?t want to let go of old classics. The services offered by PlayStation Now will certainly go a long way to sort this out and a few other problems too. The Sony PS Now works by streaming a large number of PS3 titles over the internet. As a matter of fact, this cloud-based gaming service is Sony?s answer to OnLive, which the company had purchased earlier this year only to shut it down.

Sony has committed to offer a wide range of content to the customers of its game streaming service, enabling users to make the best use of what PlayStation offers. The company had made the announcement regarding this service at Gamescom 2014 and had also indicated at the time that it would first offer a closed beta to a few gamers who applied to participate in the launch, with the beta being opened to others.

The Sony PlayStation Now service is available at different price points depending on the model that is selected. Players can get unlimited access to the complete PS Now library for a very reasonable fee of ?12.99 on a monthly basis. One can also rent individual games now and then for fairly low prices ranging from ?2.99 to ?7.99 per game. This individual fee entitles users to keep the titles for any time ranging from a minimum of 48 hours to a maximum of 30 days. There are a whole lot of titles available and users can browse the list to choose the ones they feel like playing at any point of time. Sony will eventually feature more than 3,000 of its popular and classic games on the service.

PS Now can be accessed from a number of devices, and not only the video game consoles of the company. Therefore, users can access this service from many of the latest Bravia TV models from 2014 onwards, in addition to the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita consoles. The Bravia TVs that support the service include the X94, X90, X85, X83, and S85 Series. All that is needed is a Dualshock controller, in addition to a good internet connection. Furthermore, Sony has also announced that it will be bringing the service to devices from other manufacturers, especially Samsung Smart TVs.

Sony?s new service will definitely change the way in which people access their favourite video games. They will be able to access their favourite games from any location of their choice depending on the internet enabled device they feel like using.


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