Lots of action was witnessed on the Xbox One front over the last 12 months with the release of a number of games. Technology journalist, Dave Cullen has ranked a few Xbox One games, which has made it to his list of top 10.

Here are the top 10 Xbox One games for you to choose from.

#1-Lego Dimensions

Lego Dimensions, like every other Lego game, is an action adventure game. The highlight of this game is the presence of a pack of well known characters like Batman, Lord of Rings? Gandalf, Doctor Who, Simpsons and Marty McFly only to name a few. With such colourful characters assembled in one place, you can imagine how much fun the game must be!

#2-Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 has successfully satisfied the appetite of all soccer fans. While at the outset, there may be vast similarity in this Xbox One game to its predecessors, the game is in fact, several notches better than the other soccer games released in the series. In particular, passing and shooting in this version is far more realistic.

#3-The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 has a magnum opus look when compared to the other games, which have been released in this series. In this role playing game, players assume the role of Geralt and fulfil the missions. Addition of elements like combat on horseback and swimming in the game has made this look gigantic in scale.

#4-Batman-Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight stands out as the best in the series of Batman games, without a doubt. Arkham Knight is a delight to play for the action fans. An array of devices and methods used by the lead characters in the game are a treat to the players.

#5-Forza Motorsport 6

The visual elements present in Forza Motorsport 6 are probably unmatched. And with about 450 cars to select from, the joy of players is unfettered from the start until the end.

#6-Mortal Kombat X

A combat game, which has won an all round approval due to its unusual and instinctive styles has captured the imagination of the fans of these fighter games. The speed of the game is an important factor in the success of the game.

#7-Evil Within

One of the better stealth games offered on the Xbox One platform, Evil Within is a highly challenging game. The extraordinary graphics have made Evil Within as a superlative game worth trying out. A game that is sure to leave the players dead scarred!

#8-Titan Fall

Titan Fall is a classic multi-player game, which has all the ingredients to truly satisfy combat fans. The game undoubtedly, enjoys a very high rating among all the multiplayer games released in 2015.

#9-Metal Gear Solid-The Phantom Pain

Created very artistically this action-adventure game has been portrayed in a highly realistic backdrop to rank the game at the top of the chart of the Xbox One games.

#10-Watch Dogs

This is yet another action adventure game, which scores high on graphics and story board, thereby tempting the players to go keep playing repeatedly.

So, which one will you be playing today?


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