Please do take a look around as many of our unique NetEnt slot playing guides as you can, for with over 100 high tech slot games on offer at all casino sites utilizing their gaming platform and range of slot games, our guides are going to allow you to find plenty of slot that appeal to you personally!

In this guide we are going to take a look at some of the more unusual reel symbols that are attached to a range of NetEnt design slot games. Many of the reel symbols you will find attached to the slots offered by NetEnt will have some form of built in bonus feature and as such when you spin in certain symbols on the paylines of the following slot games one or more unique things could suddenly happen!

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NetEnt Slot Game Reel Symbols

Let us now guide you through the many different types of slot game reel symbols which are going to be on offer to you when you play selected NetEnt designed slot games online.

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Scatter Symbols ? The most common way that you will find that a slot game can award its bonus game is by you first spinning in a set number of scatter symbols. Scatter symbols are symbols that do not need to spin in on an activated payline for the bonus game to trigger or for any scatter payout to be awarded to you.

As long as you get enough of those types of symbols spinning into view anywhere one the slot game screen then you will either trigger the bonus game attached to that slot game or you will be awarded with a scatter pays payout.

Bonus Symbols ? When you come across a slot game with a set of bonus symbols on offer the aim of playing those slot games is of course to line up a set of those bonus symbols as they will then trigger some form of bonus game.

However, be aware that you are usually going to find that to be awarded with the bonus game on slots with bonus symbols those symbols need to line up on activated pay lines and usually have to spin in on reel number one and then on consecutive reels for the bonus feature to be awarded to you

Wild Symbols ? There are no shortage of slot games on which you will find a range of different wild symbols. In fact we would suggest you take a look at our guide to slot game wild symbols as by doing so you will find listed all of the different types of wild symbols that can be spun in when you are playing NetEnt designed slot games online!

You are also going to find some slot games which have a wild symbols based bonus game, and when triggered you can often find lots of additional wild symbols being added to the reels completely at random. ?The more scatter symbols that you do spin in the bigger the scatter pays payout will be and often the more free spins you will be awarded with if those symbols do of course trigger a free spins based bonus feature round!

The main attraction of playing slots which do have for example stacked or expanding wild symbols is that you can often spin in a set of wild symbols on every visible reel position on those slots, and when you do a mega sized winning payout will then be awarded to you instantly!

Random Symbols ? There are a few slot games which have a special base or even bonus game feature that can add random reel symbols to the reels. Being randomly awarded reel symbols you will never know when they are going to attached themselves to the reels.

However, look out for slot games such as the Go Bananas slot game for that particular slot game has five wild symbols in play and when they spin in they can and will turn certain additional non wild symbols into wild symbols which will instantly increase your chances of forming multiple winning combinations when they have spun in!

Multiplier Symbols ? You will find there are two ways that a slot game will give you the chance of increasing the value of any winning payout spun in. The first is by having a multiplier based bonus feature attached to the base game. The Big Bang slot will have a live and increasing multiplier value in play when you spin in consecutive winning spins for example.

However, many slot games have a set of wild multiplier symbols and as soon as one for more of the wild symbols spin in on these types of slots and those symbols help form a winning combination those multipliers will boost the value of any and all winning combinations form with those especial wild symbols.

Playing Card Symbols ? You will find that many NetEnt designed slot games will come with themed reel symbols, however when playing most of their slot games you will also find a set of playing card themed reels symbols in play on the reels.

It is usually the case that when playing those types of slots the playing card reel symbols offer players the lowest valued winning payouts. However, if you are looking or a very unique looking and playing slot with a set of playing card reel symbols that can award some very large winning payouts then look out for the King s of Chicago slot game!


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