When you want to play slot games online you should carefully study the pay table of each slot you come across and also looking closely at the slot games help files. When you do you will often find one of the most important pieces of information, that being the payout percentage of each slot.

The payout percentage is often referred to as the RTP, which simply means return to player, and it is always displayed as a percentage. The payout percentage of any slot is going to let you know how much, over your long term play the total wagers played on any slot that you will get back as winning payouts.

It therefore goes without saying that as a real money online slot player you need to be looking out for the slots which have the highest payout percentages attached to them, for by playing those slot games you will always get lots of your stakes back as winning payouts and you will benefit from much longer slot playing sessions.

There are over 100 slot games available from NetEnt that does of course mean that there are a lot of differences in regards to the payout percentages that each of those slots has been designed to payout and return to players.

With this in mind below you will find details of some of the very best slot games which are offered at casino sites using the NetEnt gaming platforms and that offer the suite of slot games which have the very highest payout percentages

NetEnt Slots with the Highest Payout Percentages

One of the main benefits of actually playing NetEnt designed online or for that matter NetEnt mobile slot games is that they all have high payout percentages. However, some of their slot games have very high payout percentages and with that in mind we have listed below the slots you should be looking to play online due to their higher than average RTP’s!

Blood Suckers Slot ? The highest paying video slot games currently on offer at NetEnt powered sites is their Blood Suckers slot, and whether you are attracted to play this slot due to its Dracula theme or not, there is no getting away from the fact that thanks to its 98.00% payout percentage it is a slot that is always going to be worth playing.

Kings of Chicago Slot ? Another slot game which is worth playing is the Kings of Chicago slot which has an unusual playing card theme which extends through to the reels and pay table, being listed on this section of our website you will be expecting it to have a very high and attractive payout percentage and that is what it does have as its RTP is huge at some 97.80%.

Devils Delight Slot ? You can trigger sets of free spins when playing the Devils Delight slot game and what makes this slot on which a 97.60% payout percentage can be found interesting and exciting to play is it only takes two additional bonus scatter symbols to spin in to see you being awarded with additional free spins as that bonus game is playing off!

Simsalabim Slot ? There is a huge and very appealing payout percentage of 97.50% attached to this slot game which comes with its own unique Magic based theme. When playing this slot online you can trigger a set of free spins or you could end up being awarded with a pick and win bonus game on which some rather large bonus cash payouts can be awarded to you as you pick off Top Hats from the bonus game screen!

Zombies Slot ? There are quite a number of unique bonus games and bonus features attached to the NetEnt designed Zombies slot game and as such it is a very exciting and entertaining video slot game to play. The slot offers free spins and also a completely randomly awarded base game feature on which lots of wild symbols can suddenly become attached to the reels, and what makes this slot even more playable is that its payout percentage has been set very high at some 97.20%!

Demolition Squad Slot ? If you are looking for a slot to play at a NetEnt software powered online casino site that gives you lots of paylines and a slot offering both free spins and a special wild symbols based bonus feature, then look no further than the Demolition Squad slot. This slot has a fixed payline playing structure offering 40 paylines and a high payout percentage that has been certified as being 97.10%!

Jack Hammer 2 Slot ? One final slot game to look out for is the Jack Hammer slot, for this is yet another highly playable slot which comes with a payout percentage in excess of 97% in fact when playing this slot you will be playing a game which boasts an RTP of a high 97.10% so add it to your list of NetEnt slot games to play.

How to Work Out Your Slot Session RTP

If you ever want to know just how high or how low the actual payout percentage you achieved on any slot playing session you have had then it is actually very easy to work that figure out. You simply need to know how much in total you played off in credits and also just how much you were paid out by actual winning payouts that got credited to your casino account balance.

Simply keep track of how much each base game spin cost you and keep a running total of that figure, the same with the payouts you achieved make a note of how much as paid out to you during any one single session.

Once you know the figure divide the payouts by the stakes and if you get a result that begins with a 0 then a decimal point such as 0.8724 then remove the zero and the decimal point and use the first two figures and that is your payout percentage (87%). If the figure begins with a figure of 1 or higher than 1 such a 1.2432 then remove the decimal point and the first three figures remaining will be your payout percentage for that session (124%).


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