EA has finally released the first full expansion pack for The Sims 4, concisely named Get To Work. Though some aspects are very reminiscent of Open for Business for The Sims 2, this expansion offers plenty of new worlds, gameplay, objects and species.

It can be a bit overwhelming just trying to list the features. For starters, there are three new active careers, meaning you can go to work with your Sim instead of him traveling to a rabbit hole building for x hours. These careers are scientist, detective and doctor. If you’re not into typical work, your Sims also have the option to purchase a retail business to manage the building; that includes stocking, employment and pricing. Baking and photography are two brand new skills, and the aliens of the new planet Sixam also arrive in this expansion.The Get to Work careers are rather thought out, offering more than enough to explore, although some aspects overlap for the scientist and doctor. The large number of new objects included in the expansion also provide realism at the workplace; it also gives you the option to create a workspace of your own since most of the items can be used through Buy and Build Modes.

Scientists work out of the lab and are meant to achieve “breakthroughs.” This lets him build inventions, grow genetically modified seeds and synthesize serums. The seeds can grow unique plants that can be examined to have more breakthroughs. Scientists can also tamper with chemicals and discuss a theory with a co-worker.

Detectives work from the police station and get access to case rooms, crime scene investigation labs, holding cells and interrogation rooms. As a detective, your Sim gets a case each day to solve; he must find clues about the suspect and can visit the crime scene to obtain evidence. After logging statements, the detective can put out an APB to locate a suspect. The suspect can be arrested and processed, including an interrogation until your detective Sim gets his confession.

Finally, doctors work from the hospital; they begin as an orderly who delivers food to a surgeon. The more promotions the doctor gets, the more objects he is allowed to use in the hospital; he starts only looking after patients to being able to deliver babies and so on.

In addition to these new careers is the ability to open a retail store. There are endless possibilities since you can sell just about anything you want, whether it’s furniture, new book arrivals or meals that you have cooked all on your own. There are only four pre-built retail buildings you can purchase for the town, but you can also convert your residential lot into a retail lot.

In spite of its few drawbacks, there is so much new gameplay that it can be considered a must-have for Sims 4 players. As with all Sims games and expansions, Sims 4 is always changing and adapting to fill in holes it had; Get to Work offers so much gameplay that it would be difficult to return to just the base game afterwards.


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