Acclaimed horror mobile and PC game, Year Walk is getting a brand new version for Wii U. Launched in 2013 by Swedish developer Simogo, and meant for Android and iOS mobile devices, the hugely popular indie game was also made available for Mac and PC via Steam. The Wii version will not be a straight port, it has been rebuilt right from the ground up and it will hit the stores later in the year, although neither the developer nor Nintendo has indicated any specific release date. Simogo has collaborated with British firm, Dakko Dakko to develop the new version of its game and it promises to be very interesting.

Based upon Scandinavian mythology, Year Walk is a wonderfully spooky game populated with supernatural creatures in which the player has to solve a number of interesting puzzles in order to progress through it. The game, which is extremely grim, has done quite well for the indie video game developer with more than 200,000 copies sold last year and it has gone on to become a cult favourite. In fact, both critics and players have heaped praises on the game on account of its gameplay and unique concept.

The new game for Nintendo will make good use of the GamePad controller. The touchscreen of the GamePad can be used to see hints, if required, read the map, and go through the game’s encyclopaedia. The game also has been given plenty of extra secrets so that people who?ve been playing it on their computers or mobile devices will have lots of new things to look forward to when they try it out on their Nintendo consoles. Year Walk will also be available in a few languages apart from English.

The GamePad controller can also be used to take notes during the game so that the puzzles can be solved easily. The touchscreen and stylus combination are far more convenient to use than a pen and paper.

The game?s motion controls are believed to be absolutely outstanding and gamers will enjoy the way in which the controls enable them to interact with different things in the game. In fact, Simogo has broken new ground with the highly innovative motion-based controls feature used in the game. While the PC game used cursors to interact with various aspects of the game, the Wii U version uses motion controls in almost every instance.

The game can be played with the GamePad in the player?s lap and the motions required are very smooth and subtle. The GamePad has to be tilted, rotated or turned, in many cases ever so slightly, to solve various puzzles in the game. It?s a great feeling to play the game this way because it feels exactly like one is handling various objects directly and not virtually!

Simogo is very upbeat about the new game and says that this version is going to be far better than the previous ones. Considering how well-received Year Walk has been, the new version is definitely something to look forward to.


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