Things haven?t been going too well for the PlayStation Vita of late, and Sony seems to have given up all attempts to prop it up. In fact, Shuhei Yoshida, the President of the company?s Worldwide Studios had admitted that the climate for the PS Vita was not healthy. Following that, Senior Vice President, Masayasu Ito has come out in public saying that it will no longer make party games for the beleaguered platform.

Sony?s reluctance to invest in exclusives for the PS Vita has sounded the death knell for the gaming console. In fact, the company has obviously been winding down the resources dedicated to this console since the Vita has had fewer exclusives with each passing year. The company will no longer commission sequels to video games such as Killzone Mercenary and Soul Sacrifice, even though these games have seen a lot of play on the handheld console.

Vita owners have always had quite a few indie games to choose from, particularly ones from Japanese production houses. Some of these games have even gone on to attain cult status. There are also lots of Japanese visual novels available for the Vita, and while they are not really video games, in that there is more reading than gameplay, they are getting to be very popular indeed. However, it would be too much to expect the console to do well without frequent flagship releases because this is not how the gaming business functions. Besides Indie developers have been shying away from the Vita because they feel that it has no future now that Sony itself is not supporting it.

Sony cannot be unaware of the fact that the PS Vita has not been able to keep pace with its main rival Nintendo 3DS, even though the Vita has more features and far superior capabilities. The 3DS admittedly had a slow start, but its iconic games and characters such as Super Mario and Smash Bros. have helped it retain its niche. Another factor that has impacted Vita sales very badly is the rise in the mobile gaming market, which makes large numbers of games available to players at very low prices.

It is clear to see that Sony has missed out on an opportunity to consolidate its console?s position in the market, which could have been achieved by providing lots of first party titles for players. The gaming giant has turned its back on a perfectly good console for some reason best known to them.

As far as customers are concerned, they don?t seem to be abandoning the Vita because this console continues to be the best one for handheld gaming even though the quality of graphics is not as good as the PS4. As a matter of fact, there exists a market for this console because it offers players access to an immense library of games.

Sony is obviously busy with VR gaming because this is where the future of gaming lies. However, there is a sliver of interest in the Vita and the company will be releasing new titles for it later this year.


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