PlayStation Plus members are in for a very good time since Sony has just launched a truly superb member program.

Known as PlayStation Plus Specials, this program offers members a whole lot of goodies. Members of the program will be entitled to exclusive and attractive discounts on selected PlayStation games as well as their add-ons.

These sale events will be launched from time to time and PS Plus members can really accumulate a whole lot of games without having to spend too much money. They will also be able to buy DLC bundles for the newest titles, which will not be made available to non-members of the program.

However, considering that a PS Plus membership gives people access to lots of free games already from a list that gets rotated monthly, this does seem to be a bit of an overkill on the part of Sony.

Besides, Sony launches sales and other events occasionally, and PlayStation Plus members already get better discounts than others during these events. Anyways, this is definitely good news for members of the programme.

The first of the PS Plus Specials was unveiled earlier with members being offered Bloodborne for just $47.99, the first time this PlayStation 4 exclusive game has ever been discounted.

Other titles available at attractive discounts include Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin, down $8 from $39.99, Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin available at a $12 discount and Dragon Ball Xenoverse PS+Bundle (along with some DLC) available at a $6 discount, to name a few.

Sony offers a wide range of titles across different genres evidently in order to keep its customers pleased, with Helldivers being offered at just $18.

It has to be admitted that Sony could have done a little better with the line-up of titles and discounts offered, but this is definitely a fairly good start from the point of view of regular gamers.

Besides, Sony is featuring newer titles on these promotions and it is not reasonable to expect huge discounts on them, considering that most people would pay top dollar to play them in any case.

All put, it certainly works to the member?s benefit to get even $10 to $20 off on brand new titles when they would have anyway paid in full.

Sony has received an overall positive reaction to this new initiative, which is quite surprising considering that gamers tend to expect a great deal of stuff.

So far, it has been very good for Sony, but it would be interesting to see whether the company will actually benefit in the long term.

There?s a great deal of competition between console manufacturers and it is not at all easy to get customer loyalty these days.

Therefore, it seems to be a very calculated decision on Sony?s part to offer such attractive discounts and that too on a weekly basis.

Since different titles will be offered every week or so, it is definitely a good idea to keep checking in to find out what?s being offered next.


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