It is of course the film franchise Rocky that this namesake mobile and online slot game is based and themed around, and if you saw the films and enjoyed watching them there is a fair and reasonable chance you will love playing this slot too!

Bonus Game Feature Rounds

There is a bonus winning payout you will be awarded with when you play this slot and spin in the letter reel symbols and those symbols spell out the word Rocky.

A boxing based picking game can also be awarded to you as you play off each base game spin but to get to play off that very unique bonus game you have to get the Boxing Glove reels symbols spinning in on the first and last reels in one single base game spin.

Free spins will also be coming your way from time to time when playing this video slot game on a mobile device, but to get to play off the free spins three or more of the scatter symbols must be spun into view.

Three scatters awards you with 10 free spins, four of them will see you then playing off 20 free spins and 25 free spins will be yours if you spin in all five scatter symbols, during the free spins bonus game all winning combinations that are spun into on any of your in play and activated paylines will be doubled in value.

There are lots of Android compatible slot games which we have reviewed for you throughout this website. The main attraction of playing on such a device is that the touch screen feature makes then easy slots to play and the payout percentages attached to all of them are just as high as slots available at online casino sites! So you will always have a fair chance of winning when playing any of them for low or high stake amounts!

Where to Play the Rocky Slot

You will have hours of fun playing the great playing Rocky slot game, however one way you can get even more play time when you do fancy playing it on a mobile device is by you claiming the Sign Up Bonus at William Hill Casino for a large deposit match bonus is currently available to all new players.

One additional mobile casino site which has this Rocky slot game available and plenty more besides is Ladbrokes Casino and we have also got a Deposit Match Bonuses from Ladbrokes Casino to introduce to you that is very generous indeed!

Staking Options and Jackpot Payout

The Rocky mobile slot game from Playtech has 25 pay lines spread over the 5 video reels, the stake values can be fully adjusted by players and the minimum setting is 0.01. To increase the coin values all that you need to do is to simply click on the coin value buttons located alongside the coin value display box.

You can also adjust the number of coins you put into play when playing the Rocky slot, and the do that once again click on the coins button which is to the right hand side of the coin level box and the coins will then increase for each click you make on that button.

The jackpot offered on the Rocky slot game is worth 10,000 coins, that jackpot is paid when you get five of the Rocky reel symbols on any payline. You can increase the value of that jackpot by increasing the number of coins in play by clicking on the coin level box.

The second highest paying reel symbols on the Rocky slot game are the Boxer symbols, and five of them spinning in will award you with a 1000 coin payout when playing on the minimum number of coins per payline per spin.

Rocky Slot Playing Tip

Value is what every single mobile slot player will be looking for when playing slot games, and plenty of entertainment and winning opportunities too! There are several ways that you can be assured of getting the maximum play time out of your slot playing budget.

One way is for you to make use of the high valued bonuses that are freely given away from our listed mobile casino sites, and the other way is for you make the effort in tracking down the slot with the highest payout percentages. So have a look around our website as we have plenty of slot paying guides that will point you in the right direction in regards to just which slot you should be looking to play!

Additional Information

You will often find it beneficial to take a look at some of the brand new mobile slot games which have recently been launched, for many of those new slot games come with some very high payout percentages. The higher the payout percentage the better you winning chances will be over your long term play!

Make sure that you also take a look at some of the mobile slot games we have listed for you in our guide to the highest paying mobile slots. For by taking a look at that particular guide plenty of higher than average paying slot games will be revealed to you and those are always going to be the slots you will be looking to get stuck into play!

The Rocky slot has a fully certified long term expected payout percentage of 95.02% that payout percentage will fluctuate as you play this slot over each session, however the slot should, over your long term play return that high payout percentage.


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