There are discussions going on about Guitar Hero being created to look completely different.

The caricatured rock stars from yesteryears with bright hues have now been transformed into real-live musicians who will be performing in front of an audience, LIVE!

When you witness it, you?ll actually be able to see colour co-ordinated inputs who are rushing towards you, but the only difference is that it is more elegant now.

It is more of a contemporary rendition of your usual Guitar Hero experience. More than additions to appearance they have the desire to appear modern!

Jamie Jackson, creative director for the project said that he assumed this opportunity to be a clean slate.

During one of the briefs, he explained to the team in the early days, was to assume it as a name, as a musical game with guitar, and assume that none of this has never happened.

He felt that he has come back with a huge innovation and felt that he had to start from scratch.

Jamie Jackson also mentioned that it could have been very easy to do similar game play by simply updating the existing graphics and introducing some new set list.

But, the need to do something entirely different in every segment is what they thought would take the game to an entirely different level.

One of the most captivating angles of the new-look is the film footage, which is used in the single-player version.

Every song is now played against fictional band footage seen from the perspective of you and the lead guitarist.

You are now not restricted to only watch the band alone, but you?ll also be an important part of it.

Jackson commented about this feature saying the usage of camera is one of the first things he learned about while really getting to know the game.

The illusion has a lot of intricate touches. For example, in the beginning you can see a performance in the backstage, while hanging out with your band mates or fiddling around.

It is definitely better than the rest and is not where some people are faking it hopelessly.

But, it is only to fair to understand the fact that it is still a game. The reaction of your audience and band mates depends on how well you perform.

If you are doing exceedingly well, then you can expect the crowd to go wild, the lead singer will smile at you, and the overall performance will feel so damn good.

On the other hand, if you don’t perform well, there will be insulting banners by disappointed fans.

It is purposely designed this way because Guitar Hero wants you to feel the pressure of the live performances.

The general feel and the music is a lot more inclusive than the previous instalments. The track listings have to be finalised yet, but the company has said that Fall Out Boy, The War on Drugs, The Rolling Stones, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, and Ed Sheeran have been confirmed.

It is going to be the best musical Guitar Hero till date!

Apart from Guitar Live, which is a single-player mode, there is something called as Guitar Hero TV, which is a music channel and can be accessed 24 hours via the game.

This is of the most successful game, which has collected more than $2 billion till date and they are aiming to release it in the fall of 2015.


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