The Battlefield Hardline game is just another great game in the Battlefield series. Unlike many other Battlefield games, this is not based off of a military perspective. In this game, players are a detective named Nick Mendoza in a crime series. In multi player mode, players can join as either cops or criminals.


Battlefield Hardline is not the standard video game in the Battlefield series and for that reason many gamers love this game. Many people report that infantry battle play is more strategic than ever. Although vehicles are not available, there are still many different weapons available for players to use.

Game play in this game is noticeably faster than in others. This means that mistakes are higher stakes, and players with more experience may have trouble adjusting to the speed of the game. Multi player games are fast but at the same time can be strategic as well due to the small arms fire available to players.


One major negative that many players will realize soon after entering multi player mode is the fact that there are no vehicles available in game play. Due to the fact that it is cops vs. criminals there will be no tanks or helicopters flying over head shooting at players on the ground.

This makes the infantry strategy more important than ever as there is more small arms fire than in ever Battlefield games. There are fewer huge weapons like rocket launchers or grenades available to players. If there are players who love blowing other players up with little to no thought to strategy, this is probably not the game for you.

Final Thoughts

Battlefield Hardline is a fun game for players who know what to expect when they take on the game play in this new game. However, some old time Battlefield players may not enjoy either the single or multi player facets of the game as it is much different than other series.

There is much more infantry strategy involved in this game due to few huge weapons and no vehicles available for use. There are areas of opportunity for this series to improve on in this game, but the speed of game play is very fast and the graphics are top notch. Overall, we recommend this game to players who enjoy strategy over mind less video game playing and give the game an eight out of ten.


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