Until a new and exciting game is released for the Wii U, we?ll have to make do with the existing games.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess did not attract a lot of attention from the people, but was a success. Its success boosted Nintendo?s gaming console, Wii and it became Nintendo?s most successful console ever. Since it?s the era of grittier and serious movies like Batman trilogy, Twilight Princess manages to fit perfectly among such games.

The Twilight Princess has always been one of the best Zelda games. Many players enjoy the first half of the game where it requires rolling back the shadows over Hyrule. Another most interesting point is of the wolf transformation that creates much more thrill. The game further has amazing set of dungeons and Epona, which is densely populated and huge. The game is one of those mysterious types with lots of secrets, but not enough to complement the giant size of Hyrule field.

There is hardly anything to complain about the game as it is somewhat a story of departure. Not to forget, the last sequence of the Twilight Princess keeps the interest of the players intact with the final boss fight in the Zelda game. It is the Zelda season and players need to try out the great features of this game.

Super Mario Maker

While people await the release of The Legend of Zelda for Wii U, the amazing dungeons in Super Mario Maker can be a great substitute. While a popular YouTuber displays the various levels of Super Mario Maker, he drops hints that The Legend of Zelda may take a while to launch.

The Level 1 Super Mario Maker involves a fan driven attempt in order to create a side-scrolling version of the first dungeon from the original game. Of course, it requires intelligence and smartness to clash with Mario?s side scrolling. The Wii U replica clears the test with good scores. The game replica achieves this by offering wings to the dungeon enemies.

The fantastic wings give them the liberty to move in four different directions. However, it is not exactly the same, as the mushrooms act as keys and the fire flower is the perfect substitute for the bow and arrow. Further, the Amiibo support here keeps the Zelda theme alive by creating those special mushrooms, which transform Mario into an 8-bit sprite of link. It is not at all a bad replica. Those little modifications have made it even more interesting.

So, The Legend of Zelda replica, Super Mario Maker is not at all bad for a fan-made effort. However, if you want a much better Nintendo experience, then you need to wait for the launch of the next main game or invest in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD for now. However, if you already own Super Mario Maker, you can find the replica level of The Legend of Zelda at 59B7-0000-0036-B2BE.


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