If you have played the Reel Rush video game in the 90s, you will be happy to know that there is a way to replay the joy of the game. For casino lovers, this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy two of their favourite things-casinos and Reel Rush.

The best part about slot games is the unique themes and ideas they offer. Slot games have been developed with a lot of innovation and strategy over other games, and today, they are one of the most popular games in any casino.

Due to the increase in online casinos, players have the benefit of enjoying all their favourite games in the comfort of their homes. Reel Rush is a colourful and interesting slot game that replicates the joy of the earlier video game.

The symbols are vibrant and delightful, which will definitely bring a big wide smile on your face. If you like colours and soft elements in your game, this one is surely meant for you. The theme of the game revolves around a candy town where you will find a lot of elements similar to another all-time classic game-Super Mario Bros.

Reel Rush Game Features

Reel Rush is a five-reel game where not all the reels are active at the same time. There are 3125 ways to win the pay lines in this game. There are no bonus rounds in the game, but you can get quite a few multipliers and win more money.

You also get up to eight free spins to reward yourself. The highest jackpot in the game is a staggering 480,000 coins. You can also play this game on your mobile phones, giving you access to fun and entertainment anywhere and everywhere you go!

3125 Ways to Win!

This game is a little different from the usual games with nine or 20 pay lines. In this game, you have a big number of chances to win-3125 to be precise. Every time you spin, you unlock the potential for more free spins and this way, the cycle of spins can go on and on.

The wild symbols are also helpful in getting you multipliers and increasing your wins. The game doesn?t promise a lot of money or jumbo jackpot amounts, but the fun element is surely something that makes the game worth it.

You can expect around 50x of your bet amount as returns on any normal day. If you are really lucky, you could get up to 80x or 90x as well. However, the returns should not be the agenda while playing this game. You should play for the colours, the fun and the entertainment that it offers!

Music-The Soul of the Game

Music in this game is the real rush of this game. Make sure to keep your speakers on when you play the game since the music is the real star! You need to play this game in Chrome or Firefox preferably since the music works best in these browsers.

However, you can try alternate browsers as well, but the music may not work as expected. If you are not a big fan of music, the continuous playing music may get annoying at times, but for most people, good music in slot games is a must!

Final Verdict

This is a game aimed at non-stop fun and entertainment. You can?t get rich playing this game, but you will surely not lose time or money while playing it. The game offers a lot of interesting features and fun factors that keep you interested all along. Since the software is powered by Net Entertainment, you can also be assured of superior quality and no disturbance in software while you play Reel Rush Video Slot.


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