Nintendo Corporation in Japan, which has been in the forefront of taking video games to higher levels for a very long time, finds itself, for perhaps the first time in a fix, regarding the status of its latest hardware.

The company, which has earned the admiration and respect, the world over for its innovation and trend-setting launch of consoles as well as games, is grappling with decision making on Wii U gamepad, the console the company launched as late as 2012.

The Story of Wii U

Nintendo, which is renowned for introducing consoles with features that are compatible to the latest technological inventions, launched Wii U with the specific intent of coping with the new-age graphics.

The console was thus, designed to have an interface with touch screen features to cater to the latest demands of the users.

However, the ambitious launch of Nintendo Corporation, Wii U, for once, has not received as much appreciation and support, as was anticipated.

It will not be far from truth to state that this console has been used as a screen for players, when their television is streaming live programs.

End of the Road

Since Wii U has received less than enthusiastic response in the market, both from users and other third parties, the easiest option open for Nintendo is to recall and replace the gamepad with something, which is more dynamic and friendly towards the next generation games.

But strangely, Nintendo has been going slow in the decision making process, which in turn has delayed the launch of the highly hyped Zelda games.

Since it is a foregone conclusion that Wii U would not be in a position to effectively support a game of the order of Zelda, Nintendo has been delaying the introduction of its new game.

What?s Next?

Nintendo may find it hard to accept that Wii U gamepad has done very little to win the confidence of the users, in a way its predecessor Wii had done.

Trouble for Wii U has come from other external factors like withdrawal of games like Assassin?s Creed and Call of Duty, games which were played on multiple platforms.

The calendar of forthcoming releases by Nintendo also is indicative of the imminent swansong of Wii U as games in the pipeline like Xenoblade Chronicles X, Devil?s Third Set and Starfox Zero are more likely to be made for the NX console, which is the next generation consoles that Nintendo has plans for.

Support for Wii U

Supporters of Wii U feel that this product has not been given its due, in spite of its abundant potential.

This section of users genuinely feels that Wii U has not been properly explored as yet.

Yet another argument in support of Wii U has been regarding the console?s lower processing power.

The console?s lower processing power interestingly is seen as a disadvantage by a few, while a few others feel otherwise.

But what is however, very certain is that Nintendo is in a dilemma over the fate of its much hyped console!


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