The latest FIFA release was eagerly anticipated since the previous editions of the video game that whetted gamers? interest considerably for its fast moving and realistic football action.

FIFA 15 has been an outstanding success on practically every level, making this a must-have for all the football game aficionados.

If you?ve played FIFA before, then you?ll definitely notice that this game has all the familiar action and game modes that you?ve come to enjoy.

But this is a far refined version of the previous editions. In fact, it looks pretty much like a television broadcast thanks to the improved presentation.

What makes FIFA 15 really special when compared to its predecessors is its emotional intelligence.

We were very impressed with the way in which players responded in the most authentic manner to all scenarios.

Emotions, after all, are a very important aspect of our personalities and it is no different with footballers.

It?s a lot of fun to play a game that is equipped with emotional intelligence simply because it makes players more human, and therefore, more prone to mistakes.

We did feel that AI behaviour could be a bit irritating as well, especially when the player didn?t exactly do as we intended.

Every game will therefore, have lots of amazingly smart moves alongside some that are really plain stupid.

The AI really kicks in during the higher difficulty settings and the strategy and game play changes to suit the situation.

You have to be prepared to deal with extremely aggressive playing if the other team is looking for an equalizer with very little time to spare.

The game isn?t without its fair share of glitches on account of AI and as long as you don?t get hassled by them, then you?ll be okay!

We really loved the way that the animation made everything look superbly lifelike, down to the expressions on the players? faces and the way their hair and clothes move when they run.

Running and dribbling has a much more nuanced feel to it while goalkeepers have been given a wider range of movements that allow them to perform really superior actions to save goals.

Further, they are now more effective against long strikes. Long-time fans of this series will also notice that FIFA 15 permits a lot more variety of game tactics.

Even so, we thought that the gameplay has been managed really well to keep the game interesting, which means that it hasn?t been made more difficult.

There?s no doubt at all that much of the popularity of the FIFA series lies in the game?s ability to make you feel on par with the best footballers.

In fact, we liked the fact we could score goals that would do the football greats proud. The game offers a large number of Premier League avatars to choose from.

Managing a team is very easy, and you?ll be able to assign settings very easily. You?ll also easily be able to change your style of play whenever you want.

While the game doesn?t have a lot of depth, this is actually to your advantage because this makes it extremely thrilling to play!


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