Video game publisher, Electronic Arts, has removed a few iconic games from the App Store in a sign that the mobile gaming landscape is changing tremendously. A total of 17 games from the publisher, including popular titles such as Real Racing, Flight Control and Flight Control Rocket have been permanently removed from the App Store. Other games that were cancelled include The Sims Medieval, Mass Effect Infiltrator and Need for Speed Shift. The cancelation of these games took place with effect from 1 September 2015. The deletion of such a large number of games happened without much fanfare. Interestingly enough, the company had done a similar purging of games a year ago.

Many of these games have had incredible runs on mobile phones, especially when mobile phones were first becoming popular, and their absence will definitely be noted. The changing nature of the video game industry results in the growing preference for free-to-play apps instead of games that have to be purchased before they can be downloaded.

Flight Control and Flight Control Rocket were a very popular air traffic control simulation games while Real Racing was a sim-styled racing game. Spy Mouse was another incredibly popular game that had been pulled from the App Store. These games developed by Firemint, an Australian studio, were able to drive excellent sales thanks to their high quality graphics. Incidentally, Electronic Arts renamed Firemint as Firemonkeys Studios in 2011 after purchasing it. The new entity focused on developing interactive games for Electronic Arts.

The cancellation of these games will definitely affect the large number of people who paid for these apps and continue to play them. While people who have downloaded these apps can play them for as long as they want, they are sure to experience problems as soon as they install iOS firmware updates. Furthermore, it will not be possible to recover these games once they have been deleted. This means that players have a limited time in which to enjoy these titles before they are gone for good.

Electronic Arts is not the only publisher to pull games from the App Store. Many app creators will be doing so because they do not have the resources to update their apps to keep track with iOS updates. Apple requires its developers to do this because it ensures a high level of security and compatibility. Since customers are no longer interested in paying for these apps, developers find it unprofitable to keep these apps compliant with the latest iOS. With iOS 9 now being released, many titles from Electronic Arts would no longer be compatible with the operating system and hence, the decision to cancel them.

According to a message posted on its website, Electronic Arts will continue to develop more games for mobile phones and will continue to update games that are still featured on the App Store. While there is no doubt that fans of these games will miss them tremendously, there are always plenty more video games to choose from at any point of time!


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