There?s been a bit of discussion in gaming circles about negative experiences concerning the PSVita. My own experiences with this handheld system have not been that good, and I?d like to describe them in detail.

I had decided to buy the Vita in February because I travel a lot for work and need a good handheld device; I currently use a PlayStation 4.

I was a bit busy and didn?t really do a lot of research before I made my purchase. I did ask the sales assistant quite a few questions, but he didn?t really say anything beyond the company script.

I was told that the device was a good option to the Nintendo DS and so I decided to buy it.

My main requirement from the Vita was its Remote Play feature, but I was let down by a poor internet connection in my house. The quality of gaming on a Vita definitely depends on a very good internet connection.

The other problem was equally serious because it had to do with the games I could play on the Vita.

I did enjoy playing LittleBigPlanet and Killzone: Mercenary on the Vita and the indie titles available were also good.

In fact, I did think that Hotline Miami was quite good even though it certainly was no AAA game.

That?s when it hit me that there are actually very few big titles that can be played on the Vita.

At present, I hardly ever play with this device and I don?t even miss it very much!

Once I realised that there was no point keeping the Vita around to collect dust, I traded it in for a couple of games for my PS4.

It?s not just the lost money that has disappointed me (and no one likes to make a bad bargain), but also the fact that I really hoped to have a good handheld console.

I feel that Sony simply hasn?t done enough to support this device and has doomed it to an early death for no fault of its own.

My experience with the PSVita has really got me thinking about whether the current generation of console gaming has a good future at all.

After all, so much effort must have gone into its production, but the company did not follow up with enough games to keep dedicated gamers happy.

It?s true that there are a few games lined up in the future, and previews indicate that they are very interesting, but I?m not sure that this is enough to keep these consoles afloat in a highly competitive market.

I feel that a large corporation like Sony could definitely have planned things better so as to schedule new releases on a regular basis.

I feel that game developers are more likely to focus on the mobile gaming market because this is where the maximum users are likely to be found.

If this happens, then it is very unlikely that video game consoles will remain viable.

I?d like to hear more on this subject from other video gamers, so please write in with your comments!


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