Sony has stolen a march over its main rival in the video game console business by selling two PS4 units for every Xbox One that Microsoft manages to sell.

Sony has sold around 23 million units in the PS4?s lifetime when compared to its nearest competitor that has seen sales figures of slightly less than 13 million during the same period.

Nintendo is not too far behind the Xbox One, having sold around 9.7 million units of Wii U in total.

Sony?s performance has been very impressive indeed, especially if you consider that its console hit the market long after the other two.

When considered on a monthly basis, Sony continues to sell 100% units more than the Xbox One at 617,578 PS4s per month.

Microsoft sold 272,955 Xbox Ones, whereas Nintendo sold 141,426 Wii U consoles during the month of May.

As a matter of fact, Sony has raced ahead of its competitors every single month since it was launched amid much fanfare in November 2013.

The sales figures given here are for the entire world, but what they do not indicate is that the Xbox One has done particularly badly in Europe.

Microsoft has been quite slow in marketing its Xbox One console in a few European markets and here the PS4 has sold 9.2 million units against a paltry 3.4 million Xbox One consoles.

Microsoft clearly has its work cut out for it in Europe if it wishes to close this gap.

Microsoft?s head of Xbox division, Phil Spencer, is looking to Gamescom in August to address this issue.

As Europe?s largest gaming trade fair and convention, this provides companies the best platform to showcase their latest products to a European audience.

It is believed that Microsoft?s Euro campaign to prop up flagging Xbox One sales will include the launch of games that weren?t shown at E3.

According to Spencer, what the market needs is some exciting new games.

There is a lot of interest in games such as Scalebound from Platinum Games, Crakdown from Realtime Worlds and Quantum Break from Remedy.

Microsoft is certainly doing its best to give Xbox One the help it clearly needs, but it remains to be seen whether this is too little too late.

Incidentally, the company had a very successful showing at E3, and its executives are full of confidence ahead of Gamescom.

The Nintendo Wii U console has been in the market for longer than the other two, but its sales figures have been so low that the company has announced that it is rolling out a new console, the NX, within a year or so.

There was a mixed response to this news, since Wii U users felt that they were being abandoned by the company.

However, Nintendo head, Satoru Iwata assured them that the company would keep developing games for their consoles instead of shutting down the line altogether.

The gaming console business continues to look interesting even as consoles are coming under threat from the growing popularity of mobile gaming.


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