Trend setting Sony Entertainment Inc is on the verge of unveiling a truly futuristic head-set with unmatched features. Virtual reality headset was to have debuted as Project Morpheus, has been now christened as Playstation VR and is in all likelihood to be launched in early 2016. The breaking news has come from the company sources at the Tokyo Game Show, much to the delight of the gaming enthusiasts.

Novel Virtual Reality Headset

Interestingly, this headset was not initially planned as a product for the consumers when the product was in the R&D stage of development. But subsequently, on realising that this could be an ultimate game changer for the company, Sony Entertainment Inc has apparently gone ahead to come up with a commercial prototype of the model. The envisioned headset will be compatible with PlayStation 4. A user can control as well as view the games using this headset.

To make it work like a dream, researchers at Sony have included features like high-end pixel screen with 60Hz to 120Hz display mode, accelerometers and lights. In short, the features made available in the soon-to-be launched Sony headset VR are unique and are not found in any of the products of the competitors.

Competitors at Bay

Oculus Rift and Vive Gear VR are among the products, which are competition for the latest offering from Sony. However, Facebook?s Oculus Rift and HTC?s Vive are not wireless gadgets and hence, straightaway lose out to Sony. Though Samsung?s Gear VR is a wireless gadget in the mould of PlayStation VR, it uses the smartphone?s screen and processor, unlike that of Sony?s VR, which is in sync with the PlayStation. Another feature where Sony scores over the competition is the refresh rate of display, which allows the users to experience real time viewing of the game.

Boom Time for Japanese Games

With predominantly Japanese games on display as demo games at the Tokyo Game Show, market analysts opine that the Sony gadget could see a full-fledged interest emerging in the markets for games like Danganronpa, Hatsune Miku, Dynasty Warriors and Final Fantasy. Besides these titles, Sony?s popular London Heist and The Deep have also been featured in the demo games.

Users may have to wait, fingers crossed, to know which of these games are ultimately going to be featured in the PlayStation VR. But those who count the non-Japanese games as their favourites, the forthcoming road shows to be organised for EGX and Paris Games Week may give clearer indication to the gaming fans of the plans of Sony for the Western games.

Playstation VR Magic

Though the word Morpheus, which was originally thought for the product, has been shunned, the spirit of the word has been fully retained in the new Sony product. Morpheus, the Greek God of Dream is casting a magic over the ambitious project of Sony and it would be no surprise to see the users under a spell when the product is in their possession.


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