As one of the world largest suppliers of online and mobile casino games and the gaming platforms that they operate on, you are going to find there are lots of casino sites which are powered exclusively by or at the very least have a selection of slot games designed and supplied by Playtech.

In fact it has now been well over a decade since Playtech launched their very first mobile gaming platform and they have been enhancing it ever since. You will now be able to play each of the more popular slot games found on Playtech?s online gaming platform on any type of mobile device!

Whilst you may have played plenty of Playtech slot games before, or even if you haven?t then it will be worth you reading through this guide to Playtech designed mobile slot games for we will give you some ideas of the variety of different slot games you can access instantly on your mobile device and also we will introduce you to two of our featured mobile casinos who have some generous sign up bonuses to give you!

Marvel Jackpot Slots ? There are a very interesting and exciting range of mobile slot games which you are going to be able to play at casinos using the Playtech mobile gaming platforms, and those slots are known collectively as the Marvel Jackpot slots.

Each slot game in the series of which there are over a dozen of them are themed around characters that you will find or used to be able to find in Marvel Comic Books. Not only do they all come with their own unique themes but they also come with their own unique bonus games, base game features and pay tables.

However, these slots all share a set of four different sized progressive jackpots. What makes playing these Playtech designed progressive slots something many players do enjoy doing is that no matter what stake you play them for you could be randomly awarded with a bonus picking game which will guarantee you of winning one of the four progressive jackpots once you have played that picking game off!

Classic 3 Reel Slots ? It is not only going to be some of the most advanced looking and playing slot games you will always have access to when you choose to play Playtech designed mobile slots, for they have plenty of classical three reel type slots on offer.

You will find that those easier to play slots on which no bonus games or bonus features can be awarded will come with very high payout percentages so you will always have plenty of winning chances when playing them, plus a range of different stake options are available on them all.

Just make sure that you take a look at the pay table attached to any Playtech designed three reel single payline that you are thinking of playing, for nine times out of ten you will find that by playing them for maximum stake spins you can win an enhanced payout if you spin in the jackpot paying winning combinations when playing maximum bet spins!

Video Slot Games ? Another category of slot game we think the vast majority of our slot playing website visitors are going to enjoy playing are the Playtech designed range of mobile video slots. When you play those types of slot games you can chose to play them for lots of different staking options and you will always be guaranteed of finding lots of different bonus games can be triggered as you are playing off a base game spin.

The type of bonus games that you can triggered when playing Playtech mobile slot game is quite varied, however some of their most played slots are those on which a set of free spins can be awarded to you when you spin in a certain amount of scatter or bonus symbols.

However, if you like wheel spinning bonus games, pick to match or even pick to win slot game bonus features there will be more than enough Playtech slots offering you those types of bonus games too!

New Mobile Slot Games ? Getting access to some of the very latest mobile slot games is always going to be easy as a player at any casino site offering Playtech designed slot games. The reason for us saying that is that Playtech are always launching brand new slots onto both their online and mobile gaming platforms several items a year so you will always have something new to play.

So if you love nothing better than playing all of the very latest video slot games offering bonus games and bonus features that you will never have seen before, then do make the effort of signing up to one of our featured Playtech powered mobile casino sites listed below.

The new slots you will come across by the way will all offer unique themes, and playing structures and as you can always give them a much play time via the free play versions of the slot you will soon be able to master the way they play and pay but in a no risk free play paying environment!

Casino Bonuses Offered by Playtech Mobile Casinos

If you do want to now play lots of different Playtech designed mobile slot game and benefit from some very large slot bonuses when you become a player at mobile casino sites you are best off selecting one of our featured sites, as they are famed for their generous new player bonuses. The Bonus Code from William Hill Casino for example is going to allow you to claim a huge deposit match bonus as a first time player.

The Ladbrokes New Player Bonus Code is also worth claiming for they have plenty of high action and high paying slot games which are going to give you plenty of fun and winning chances, more so when you are playing off those bonus funds!


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