There has been a lot of Star Wars related activity of late, and not only on account of the teaser campaign from Lucasfilm surrounding the eagerly awaited Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Sony PlayStation also has an exciting new commercial to promote Star Wars Battlefront properly in anticipation of the holiday season. This first and third person shooter video game is expected to do very well and Star Wars fans are very likely waiting to get their hands on it. It is developed by Pandemic Studios, which has an excellent track record with its video games so far.

It is easy to understand the reason behind Sony?s advertising blitzkrieg. The PlayStation 4 does not have any other big titles for the holiday season and Sony is hoping to pull in lots of business this year using Star Wars Battlefront. There are plenty of exciting titles lined up for 2016, particularly Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. There will also be quite a few third party exclusives made in Japan.

Star Wars Battlefront?is a great game that will permit fans to get as close to the story as possible. Fans can recreate many of the dramatic and heroic situations of Star Wars, in addition to living out a whole lot of their own battle fantasies. The game includes some of the fictional planets that Star War enthusiasts love very much. Players can be a part of battles taking place in legendary planets such as Tatooine, Endor, and Hoth, in addition to the relatively unknown Sullust. What?s more is that, they can play with their favourite characters that made the trilogy so special, using a whole lot of weapons and fancy vehicles such as TIE fighters, snow speeders and also the Millennium Falcon.

The?Star Wars Battlefront?video game has a few different modes designed to create various types of battles. The competitive multiplayer mode accommodates 40 people and it will no doubt see a lot of action. The game also features special missions that can be played individually; gamers can choose to play this mode with a friend offline by using a split screen or even play online.

One of the most compelling reasons to pre-order this video game is that you will be one of the first people to take part in the crucial Battle of Jakku on the Outer Rim. As Star Wars enthusiasts now very well know, this battle takes place on a deserted planet and it features the forces of the New Republic against Imperial Warriors. The Battle of Jakku takes place after the Battle of Endor and it is quite important to the overall story. As a matter of fact, fans of the trilogy will certainly pre-order?this game because they will get to fight their important and fascinating game on 1 December 2015, an entire week earlier than those who choose not to pre-order.

While Sony will be making the Star Wars Battlefront?video game on the PlayStation 4, it will also be available on the Xbox One and PC.


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