Let?s start off with Sony; its immense customer base means that there are always lots of people eager to read about it!

Fans of the Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console would definitely have been thrilled by the contents of a recently released report about the gaming giant, especially since it has to do with the much awaited 4.0 Update of the console. The report, which makes very interesting reading supposedly, lists out the fantastic ideas that Sony has for its gaming console that was released in 2013.

According to the report, Sony has sent a private survey to some PlayStation 4 users in order to gather feedback from them about the bestselling console. The survey has been posted on the internet, and if it is indeed the one sent out by Sony, it lists out a whole lot of interesting features that the gaming company would like to include in the new firmware package that will be released in a while.

PlayStation 4 users have high expectations from Sony and they look forward to more features being added to the console. The last major feature that was added to the PlayStation 4 was Shareplay and it was indeed a big hit with users. There is, therefore, a great deal of excitement since Update 4.0 might come with a fantastic new feature. The survey sent out by Sony asked users to provide feedback on various suggested improvements. It also asked them for suggestions on when the update should finally be released.

The proposed changes that Sony was looking for feedback on include Appear Offline Mode, Change PSN ID, Custom Backgrounds, Download Avatars, Delete Item from Library, Filtering Options, Folders, Friend Notifications, Hide Library Items, Max Increase in Party Chat, PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 playback, and Store Wish List. While each of these features has plenty of takers, the ones that are the most popular are changing PSN ID and using custom backgrounds.

Sony?s attempts to contact users are very interesting because they indicate that the company is keen to listen to feedback from its customer base. It goes without saying that Sony will not release all of these features, even if it develops them, in one go. The company has informed its users that they can expect changes to happen starting late 2015 and going all the way up to 2017. This is without doubt something worth looking forward to.

In news about the PlayStation 4?s highly anticipated title Horizon: Zero Dawn, a senior executive at Guerrilla Games talked about the effort required to create a story that is rich and interesting. Mark Norris, a producer at Developer Games explained that what made this game special is that it has features of narrative-driven open world games that have very strong characters without losing out on the background story of the world that the game exists in. Both aspects are given plenty of prominence and hence, this promises to make the game extremely fascinating. While the game does revolve around the story of its main character Aloy, the world she lives in is also fleshed out in great detail, making it a game worth looking forward to.


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