You will find that quite a number of no download required casino sites such as those offering the range of NetEnt slot games will, from time to time, offer you the chance of taking part in a slot tournament. Should you have never played in a slot tournament at such a site before then allow us to enlighten you on how they are structured.

The usual way that a casino site will give you access to a slot tournament is by you paying a small entry fee and in exchange for that entry fee you will be credited with a certain number of tournament credits.

You will then be tasked with having to play the selected tournament slot for a certain amount of time or until your tournament credits run out. All winning payouts that you spin in during the tournament are not credited to your slot game credit meter instead they are turned into points.

The aim is to simply win as much as you can during your allocated time using your tournament credits. Each slot tournament will have a range of cash prizes on offer and they will be awarded to the players who manage to score the higher number of points via their spun in winning payouts during the slot tournament.

A leader board will be on offer at the casino site and by viewing it you will be able to see not only where you have been placed in the tournament, but also where all other players taking part have been placed in the tournament. Finishing in one of the top places on the leader board will see you then being awarded with the respective cash prize.

Some slot tournaments will give you the option of paying a small additional fee and by doing so you will either be able to take your turn in the tournament again with your original score being wiped clean or you may be able to pay a small additional fee and be able to carry on playing from the point where you ended your initial entry.

Therefore on slot tournaments that offer such an option you will be best advised to pay that additional free to carry on playing if you amassed a high score on your original entry as by carrying on playing you may be able to increase your position on the leader board and pick up one of the higher valued cash prizes on offer upon it!

Comp Point Slot Tournaments

Be aware when you choose to play at any online casino that uses a range of different suppliers games including NetEnt slot games those games are all available via a no download gaming platform and as such the types of slot tournaments mentioned above will not usually be available on an instant play gaming platform.

Those sites offering a no download required instant play gaming platform will from time to time still offer slot tournaments to their customers, however they are structured in a different way than the ones described above.

The most commonly available types of slot tournaments you are going to find offered at such a site are ones which are comp points based. You are often going to find when you come across such a comp points based slot tournament that you are going to be required to opt into the tournaments, so if you do fancy taking part in one of them make sure that you do indeed opt into them!

Once you have opted into the slot tournament then the aim of the tournament is for you to simply play the selected slot game within the starting and ending time as a real money slot. You will be playing with your own real money casino account balance and will not be required to pay any additional tournament entry fees.

You will be playing that slot game as normal, however it will be the number of comp points that you earn and amass during the time period that the slot tournament is running that will determine your score for the slot tournament.

You will often find a leader board is available on the casinos website, and as such you are always going to be able to see where you are currently placed in the slot tournament. However, as you are playing with your own cash funds, and as it is the players who amass the highest number of comp points during the tournament who will pick up the cash prizes attached to those tournaments, it is often the players with the biggest bankrolls who win these types of slot tournaments!

The cash prizes which you are going to be able to win when playing in any type of slot tournament can and will vary, so always look though the cash prizes attached to any comp points based slot tournament to see if it is going to be worth your time and effort entering them!

Where to Play Online Slot Tournaments

There are lots of different online casino sites that are going to give you access to a wide variety of online slot tournaments and as such if you are interested in taking part in some of them then below you will find details of two of our top rated online casino sites.

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