The immense changes in smartphone technology and the related proliferation of mobile internet usage have brought about a seismic shift in the video gaming industry. The industry has been dominated by console gaming up until now, but mobile games are increasing in popularity at a very rapid pace. The mobile gaming business, which is worth $29 billion as of this year is expected to expand up to $45 billion within the next three years. Not surprisingly, Android is the market leader in the mobile gaming business.

As the mobile gaming industry spends a lot of money to come up with innovative games that push the boundaries of what is possible at present, it is becoming increasingly evident that mobile handset technology has not kept pace with the developing requirements of the industry. In fact, needs of the latest mobile games have outstripped the capabilities of the average handset (high end models do not have this problem, of course) because some Android games are extremely big. Patchy network conditions also negatively affect the performance of many video games, and not only the heavy ones.

Nox App Player-An Excellent Solution

Tech start-up, Duodian Network offers an excellent solution to this problem, which is for players to download the games to their PCs instead. Here they won?t have any of the problems mentioned above. It is far easier to play games on a PC than a mobile phone, and this is a great way to enjoy the brilliant games made for mobile phones. The company?s product, Nox App Player, can do all of this with a great deal of ease.

There are many Android emulators for Windows PCs available in the market these days, but Nox App Player is easily one of the best ones. It can be used not only to play video games, but also to use any other Android application. People have become so accustomed to using their favourite applications that they would prefer to access them using their PCs for greater convenience and ease of use. Interestingly, the extra features on the Nox App Player are available at no extra cost.

It is very easy to download and install the Nox App Player, and it is best done from the company?s website. The Google Play Store is built into it for ease of use. Once the installation process is complete, the user has to sign in using a Google account in order to be able to search for specific video games or even apps, which can then be downloaded to the Nox. The user can then access the games and apps quickly and easily. This app player also lets people make use of multiple apps at the same time without them interrupting each other or any other operation of the PC.

All in all, the Nox App Player is a very convenient method to play one?s favourite video games without worrying about using up the memory of one?s mobile phone or exhausting its battery life. It is definitely worth downloading in order to make good use of Android games and apps.


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