Hello Games? adventure survival video game No Man?s Sky will soon have a much needed update. However, the details of the update were leaked ahead of the official launch as a reddit user has recently found out. Even so, the game designed to be played on PC and PS4 has been getting a fair amount of bad press of late, and the update will certainly be a welcome development and couldn?t have come at a better time for the developer and the game. Interestingly, the developer has released version 1.1 of the game, known as the Foundation update, just last month. The plans for the next update were found immediately afterwards.

A gamer user going through the game files came across a reference to a particular vehicle but did not see the model of the vehicle in question. He dug around the files and came across a number of mentions of transportation devices that did not exist in the game at that time. These included details of tire textures of the buggy and also an idea of what it would look like. Other dataminers unearthed more details of the vehicles and how they would be made available to players.

As per the latest information, No Man?s Sky will soon have ATVs with a range of weapons including mounted guns as well as other upgrades. Players will have to learn how to unlock all the new stuff. It seems that players will have to do a bit of farming or even building a terminal in order to gather the necessary materials. They will have to go on a number of missions and perhaps even hire mechanics to complete tasks.

The soon to be launched land vehicles are designed to be upgradable via certain components such as weapons systems, storage, and speed upgrades that are already in the game. When contacted, a representative of the company was not willing to confirm that it was planning another upgrade offering new vehicles. However, the Foundation update does indicate that more content will be added at a later time. A careful analysis of the promotional videos released ahead of the update launch indicates that many more vehicles will be added to the game in time to come.

A post on the Hello Games blog illustrates this perfectly since it stated that the Foundation Update would include the groundwork for more features to be added to the game. The blog went on to say that while the Foundation won?t be the biggest one for the game but it will certainly be the beginning of more changes that will make the game even more fun to play.

The very fact that the company alluded to bigger improvements in the future can only mean that another update is just around the corner. Fans of the game certainly choose to believe this. The gameplay has no doubt improved tremendously after the Foundation?s release as the increasing numbers of positive reviews garnered by the game indicate.

Unfortunately, the game had overwhelmingly negative reviews just about a month ago but it now seems that the tide is turning in its favour, albeit too slowly for the developer?s liking. The anticipation created by the leaked update will certainly help matters considerably. The game is also getting a lot of play as of now, going from 774 in October to 2,283 as of now. It?s clear that the Foundation update has done a good job to get more attention to the game and to enhance the player experience. The soon to be released update is sure to do the same thing for No Man?s Land.


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