It was reported recently that the management of Nintendo Software Technology is facing difficulty in launching their latest game.

Nintendo Software Technology is a US based gaming company that has been credited with developing games such as Metroid Prime Hunters and Mario vs. Donkey Kong, among others.

Their primary reason for dissatisfaction is the cultural difference that is cropping inside the studio.

It was reported that the ex-developers are facing problems with the management that is primarily Japanese.

These difficulties have led to the failure of the studio?s exclusive game, Project H.A.M.M.E.R.

The game was initially pitched as one of the central games that will constitute the Wii.

The game features a hulk-like protagonist that is equipped with a huge hammer. Using the Wii controls, you can navigate the hammer to kill enemies.

It is also reported that progress on the game picked up in 2003. All the developments were under wraps and only involved 12 people.

The game was later unveiled in 2006 at E3. At that point in time, the game was 75% complete.

But after the E3 in 2006, in a twist of events, the game disappeared and got shelved.

Upon asking, Nintendo explained that they had shifted their focus and priority. They also mentioned that they will not cancel the game altogether.

Several members of the studio who had parted ways with the company expressed their anguish over the management?s ways of dealing with employees who were not Japanese.

They also revealed that high-level Nintendo employees were also not very satisfied with the quality of their newest game.

Over this issue, the two parties had varying opinions. While Nintendo of Japan wanted to modify the gaming environment, NST wanted to experiment with the game play.

The same developers also revealed that the game was a burden. Apart from differences of opinions, the working environment was also in shambles.

Their biggest worry was that most of their decisions were overridden by the Japanese headquarters.

One of the developers was quoted saying that they wanted to make the game fun, but the Japanese would not understand what they wanted to incorporate into the game.

These continued problems resulted in the resignation and ultimate dismissal of the game?s prime designer. Nintendo later blamed him for the game?s failure.

The management made some futile attempts to rectify the game. These included renaming the game to Wii Crush, overhauling the visuals and giving the game a cartoon-like appeal.

Unfortunately, the gaming controls were never fixed and still lacked precision!

Several of the staff members are leaving the studio stating that they do not have the power to make decisions and that their space is being invaded.

The American studio has also blamed the Japanese headquarters for not being supportive and for not working in tandem with them.

An internal survey, conducted by Unseen64, details of which are still not revealed, records that the company?s employees have low morale.

The studio that is known for making much-loved games such as Metroid Prime Hunters have ultimately decided to discontinue with the their latest project!


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