One of the worst kept secrets in Nintendo is that its current president, Tatsumi Kimishima did not have much enthusiasm for the Wii U. At one time, the head of Pokemon USA and then of Nintendo in America, Kimishima was one of the many people in the organisation who believed that the Wii U would not hold its own in the market place on account of its similarities to the Wii.

The chorus against the Wii U has been growing steadily of late, thanks to lagging sales of the console. The company should indeed be worried about the fact that it?s been overtaken in sales by the Xbox One and overwhelmingly trumped by the PS4. Nintendo cannot take satisfaction in the fact that it has sold more than 10 million units of the Wii U around the world because it had a year?s head start over its competitors.

One of the biggest reasons for the failure of the Wii U console was confusing marketing and a name that added to the lack of clarity. Most people thought that it was a peripheral for the Wii and not a new console in itself. The company did not even make good use of the platform provided by E3; it did not showcase the physical system, but gave a lot of attention to the gamepad. Of course, people who took the trouble to examine the new console could tell that it was entirely different from its predecessor, but most people relied on their perceptions and rejected the Wii U in favour of the Xbox One or the PS4.

The lacklustre performance of the Wii U has led Nintendo to abandon this console, although the company will not admit to doing this. It has launched many first party games, most of which have proven to be very popular in order to boost sales of the console, but this strategy has not paid dividends. Owners of the console have good reason to fear that the company will pull the plug on this console, but Nintendo makes reassuring noises to allay their fears.

What is known is that the Nintendo NX is expected to hit the market in July 2016 and that this mystery console will do for the company what the Wii U could not. The gaming world is rife with speculation about the NX, but Nintendo is not letting any information slip out for reasons best known to itself. One also wonders whether Kimishima would give the NX the focus it requires given that this was his predecessor?s pet project.

This is a very important time for Nintendo since it cannot have another failure on its hands after the underwhelming performance of the Wii U. The company is also venturing into the mobile gaming business because it holds great potential for the video game industry. Kimishima?s lack of confidence in the Nintendo Wii might actually help him avoid committing the missteps of the past since the company certainly cannot afford to make any more mistakes.


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