Wii U owners were extremely disappointed to find out that Wii U exclusive game Star Fox Zero would only be released in Q1 2016. The video game company had originally announced that the new game would hit the markets in November this year. There was a lot of enthusiasm to try out the game because Nintendo had promised an entirely different style of game play with this one.

Developed in association with Platinum Games, Star Fox Zero is a 3D scrolling shooter game that is part of a popular series themed around aircraft combat. It is slated to give gamers the experience of cinema style action. In addition, the game will also be compatible with Amiibo. Senior Nintendo executive and iconic developer Shigeru Miyamoto released a statement, on Facebook, of all places, to explain the delay in the launch. It?s a measure of how important the issue is for Nintendo that Miyamoto personally took to social media to talk about his ?big decision? concerning the new game.

Miyamoto explained that Star Fox Zero was not yet ready for release and that it required some extra work, especially when it comes to the question of playing the game on two separate screens, since the game would make use of Wii U?s game pad as an alternate display. Another area of concern was the cut scenes because they did not have the right tone. He said that while the game was ready enough to be played, it could do with a bit of fine tuning because this is the only way to ensure that players get the best possible playing experience. He also apologised to fans of Nintendo for not having the new game available to them in time for the holiday season.

Industry watchers are taking Miyamoto?s words with more than a grain of salt. In fact, it does not make sense at all for Nintendo to release the game right before the holiday season because there are many other multi-platform games queuing up for release during the same period. Games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Star Wars Battlefront, and Fallout 4 are also scheduled for release and there is no way that a Nintendo game would be able to stand up to them.

Star Fox Zero had been showcased during E3 earlier this year and most people who tried it said that it was good, but not that great. In addition, the game would not be given an online mode. At the same time, the game was a definite improvement on Star Fox 64. Nintendo can hardly afford to have a flop on its hands at this stage, given that the Wii U isn?t selling very well when compared to Xbox One and PS4. Nintendo badly needs to have another hit, just like Super Mario Maker and Splatoon, and it might just be able to achieve this in 2016 if its development team is able to iron out the wrinkles in Star Fox Zero.


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