So, you have decided to get a PS4 for yourself.

What can you do about your old and trusted companion, PS3? Give it to a friend or use it as a back-up?

Before you think about discarding it, there are certain PS3 games that you need to try. Although they are some great games, they haven?t found their spot in the limelight.

Whatever the reason, these games are a must-try if you?re a PlayStation aficionado.

So, are you ready to take a look at those?

They have been listed alphabetically for your convenience.


Want to play an extremely violent game?

Then, 2011?s Bulletstorm might be the action game you?ve probably been looking for. From kicking the head of the guy in spikes to throwing the enemy off the cliff, you can experience anything in this game.

In the age where people take violence even in a video game sensitively, this game comes off as a refreshing change. It is designed cleverly and gives you an experience of a movie.

#2-Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

We know that this didn?t exactly make the underrated games cut and made enough hue and cry in its 2014 sequel.

But it generated only a fraction of enthusiasm than what it could have deserved. We feel that it should have been on the top ten lists because the game is well thought out, has stellar visuals, amazing voice work, and a lot of game time.

Maybe, it?s time to revisit this game.


Just like the game mentioned above, this one was fairly popular too. If you love combat, mythology, solving puzzles, then you?ll have a lot of fun playing this game. It?s available at a lower cost now!

Grab it before it is gone.

#4-Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

This one on the list is one of the most visually appealing games in the present generation.

It creates a setting, which gives a lot of greenery for a shooter game instead of the same old rustic steel, metal, and firepower.

The sequels are dominating the sales chart, but the original one is far better.

#5-Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 is yet another known explosive game. Although it has a familiar theme, the way it has been done especially the way vehicular mayhem works simply makes it a class apart.

Planes, base jumping, skydiving, and helicopters, go crazy in this whole new world.

#6-Metro: Last Light

It is one of the recent games, which didn?t have adequate time in the market to be branded as a failure. But it didn?t get that popular as well.

This game constantly pushes you forward with a gripping story line, which sometimes developers tend to ignore.

The underground portion of it is well-thought out and you will actually stay up to watch where it is taking you next.

#7-Prince of Persia

Some loyalists from PS3 gen didn?t welcome the reboot on a good note. The problem with the game was being too repetitive and modernised. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful game with consistent game play.

#8-The Saboteur

Set in World War II, Paris, it gives you a way to explore the open world with style and combat. Some of the mechanics were a little flawed, but overall, the game inspired a few developers to create a sequel.

If you haven?t tried it yet, maybe it is time to.


This is a classic example that the gamers compare the title with other ones and discard it without even trying.

This game pumps up your adrenalin and brings in some action and sci-fi moments. The game is entertaining thoroughly and a definite must try!


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