Developed by Microsoft, Xbox One has top games and the best progressive multiplayer system. From exclusives like Halo 5: Guardians and chart-busters like Fallout 4, Xbox One offers something to everyone. You can create your Gamerscore, unlock accomplishments and play with friends on Xbox Live, which is the world?s debut gaming community.

With regular game modifications, Xbox One gives you more methods to play games you love. Stream your Xbox One game to any Windows 10 PC at your place and receive pro-level accuracy with the Xbox Elite Wireless controller as well as play full-body games where you become a controller with Kinect.

Recently, a key software update of Xbox One added a group of new features to the console?s catalog. Microsoft just introduced a bunch of new software features to the Xbox One, and although it may not possess drastic changes as the 4.5 update to the Sony PlayStation 4, it is definitely bringing in some good twists.

The streamers as well as the people who like watching streams have something huge in store for them with the new update.

Check Out the Latest Features of?Xbox One Today

Beam Streaming

Microsoft holds its own live streaming platform and it is added to Xbox One now. Beam was opened on Windows 10 last year. Hence, its roll-out to Microsoft?s console was, particularly on the cards. However, it is an incredible update for the gamers who wish to live stream their games straight from Xbox One, along with achieving the chance to watch and relate to other streamer?s actions.

Microsoft indicated that the major highlight of Beam is its excessively low latency, which is less than one second, implying that streamers and viewers can network in almost real time.

The facility to transmit your games via Beam is now available in the console, with no additional software needed and also when you desire to recline and watch the other gamers doing the labor; you have the new Beam viewing app in the Xbox One?s My Games and App section.

Enhanced Accessibility

Microsoft has tried to improve the accessibility of games on the Xbox One by including Copilot. It is a feature that permits two controllers to perform as if they were one. This signifies that the gamers can play simultaneously beside the other person, also distributing controls between them.

Multitasking Made Easy

The Guide has received a visual refurbish, coming out as a cover on the left-hand side of your screen once you strike the Xbox button on your controller. You will discover music playback controls on the Guide, swift links to currently accessed games as well as apps, and reduced GameDVR controls for recording gameplay.

You can also get Cortana as a cover, permitting you to set reminders and alarms, play music or access Party controls with voice instructions.

The Screen Time Limit Feature

This update allows you to be a stingy parent for preventing your kids from playing games all day. The kids need to take a break from the games and get out in the fresh air, so that you are free to break open a case of Peronis and squander five hours straight, chainsawing Locusts in Gears of War 4 in harmony.

Enhanced Blu-Ray Audio

This feature is especially beneficial to the home cinema extremists of the golden era. Xbox One?s Blu-Ray player supports bitstream navigation now. This entails that the digital audio information goes right across the console devoid of being touched, allowing your high-end AV receiver to perform the decoding naturally. It supports all the bitstream formats, comprising the new ones such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.


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