If you are thinking of playing any of the NetEnt slot games which we have fully reviewed for you around this website, then you may be looking for the slots on which you have the chance of winning some huge sized jackpot payouts.

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Which NetEnt Slots have the Highest Jackpots?

Below you will find a range of progressive slot games from NetEnt on which truly life changing jackpots can be won. However, as we are aware the odds of you winning such a jackpot are huge we have also listed below some slot games offering non progressive jackpots.

That latter named slot games offer large valued jackpots which can be spun in via the base or bonus games and being non progressive jackpots your chance of winning one of them are much better when compared to your chances of winning a progressive jackpot online!

Mega Fortune Slot ? There is a fairly large base game jackpot on offer on NetEnt?s Mega Fortune slot game however there is also a special wheel spinning based bonus game which you can trigger and be awarded with when playing this slot online.

As soon as that bonus game has been awarded to you and triggered you need to spin the bonus wheel and depending what you spin in you could be awarded with a small cash award or you could be awarded another spin of an inner wheel. If you make it right to the end of the bonus game you will then win a multi million euro jackpot payout via the Mega Jackpot payout!

Cosmic Fortune Slot ? When you choose to play the Cosmic Fortune slot game you could trigger a multi stage bonus feature round and it is on the final stage of that bonus game where you could win one of its very high valued winning payouts.

There are five different progressive jackpots attached to this slot game and it is during the bonus game where each of them can be won. The highest valued jackpot is the Mega Jackpot and that is the one you will be hoping to be awarded with when playing off the final stage of this slot games bonus round!

Big Bang Slot ? The base game jackpot on offer on NetEnt?s Big Bang slot game is only worth 1000 coins, so you may be put off playing it if you are looking for a slot offering a mega sized jackpot payout. However, this slot comes with a special multiplier value which increases each time you spin in consecutive base game winning spins.

The multiplier jackpot could therefore increase the jackpot payout by 32 times its value, and as such this could be the perfect slot to play if you want the chance of winning big!

Viking?s Treasure Slot ? Another multi line and multi stake slot game from NetEnt that is going to be worth checking out and playing in your quest to spin in a massive jackpot win is the Viking?s Treasure slot game.

If you choose to play this slot game and you line up all five of the wild symbols on any of your activated paylines that you have chosen to send into live play, then for every coin wagered on that payline a 10,000 coin jackpot payout will be awarded to you!

Blood Suckers Slot ? Should you be a high rolling type of online slot player who likes to put into play as many paylines and as many coins on those pay lines as is possible when playing slots online then make sure you take a look at the Blood Suckers slot.

This slot is one on which a 7500 coin base game jackpot can be spun in by players however as you are able to put a large number of coins in play on each activated payline, then for every single additional coin you wager per payline that jackpot payout increases by another 7500 coins in value!

Fishy Fortune Slot ? Another slot offering lots of different staking options and a very large base game jackpot is NetEnt?s Fishy Fortune slot. When you play this slot game you could win when playing single coin payline spins a 10,000 coin base game jackpot.

Every additional coin wagered on each payline increases the potential jackpot on offer by an additional 10,000 coins and this slot game also comes with its own unique set of free spins and that jackpot combination can of course be spun in via that free spin feature round! You can always test this slot game out via the free play option should you wish to see if you like its playing structure and format!

Spell Cast Slot ? One final slot game that we think you are going to enjoy playing thanks in no small part to its huge jackpot and its very high payout percentage is the NetEnt designed Spell Cast slot game.

This slot has a base game jackpot of some 10,000 coins on offer and much like all other video slots from NetEnt you are able to increase the value of that jackpot payout by choosing to put into play more than one coin on each of the paylines you have activated. This slot also offers its own very unique bonus feature round too!


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