There are several slot games which you will find on offer in online casino sites which are designed and supplied by NetEnt which come with a free spins bonus feature. The way you trigger those free spins is usually by a set of free spins being spun into view.

Below we have compiled an overview of some of the slot games on offer at casinos with the range of NetEnt slots on offer which are famed for giving players the chance to trigger a very large number of free spins when their respective bonus feature games have been triggered.

With that in mind please do have a good look through this slot playing guide, for the slot games we will be introducing to you could award you with a very large number of free spins which could be the key to you picking up some very large bonus game winning payouts!

Alien Robots Slot ? You will be hoping that if you choose to play the Alien Robots slot game you will get at least three of the Space Ship scatter symbols spinning into view, and that will instantly mark the arrival of a set of free spins.

The number off the scatter symbols that do spin into view has a direct effect on just how many free spins you will then be playing off. The best aspect to playing this slot game online is that you have the chance of initially being awarded with a massive 50 free spins when all five of those scatter symbols have spun into view!

Plus as the free spins can also be re-triggered as any one free spins in is play simply be spinning in three or more scatter symbols again, then it is perfectly possible to end up with an even larger amount of free spins to play off. The more free spins you play off and the more lines in play and the higher the stake levels you play for the more cash you can win during that free spins bonus feature round!

Wonders Slot Game Series ? There are three great playing slot games which make up the Wonders series of slots which are found exclusively in online casino sites that have the range of NetEnt slots on offer. If you are looking for a slot to play on which you can win some large amounts of cash then these slots are worth tracking down and playing as there are two progressive jackpots on offer on each of them!

However, when playing any of those three slots which are the Geisha Wonders, Icy Wonders and Tiki Wonders slots you have the chance to trigger a set of free spins. Whilst three or four scatter symbols spinning into view will award you with 10 and 20 free spins respectively when playing any of those three slot games, you can win a large number of them if five scatter symbols spin in.

Five scatter symbols appearing on the base game screen of any one of those three slot games will see you then playing off a set of 30 free spins and the free spins can be ret-triggered when playing these slot games.

Disco Spins Slot ? We have chosen to introduce you to the Disco Spins slot game from NetEnt for this slot game has two different free spins bonus feature rounds on offer and when playing this slot on any base game spin you could trigger either of those two bonus games.

That does of course mean with two free spins bonus games on offer then you are much more likely to be awarded with a large number of free spins when playing this slot online when compared to most other video slots from NetEnt on which just one set of free spins can and will be awarded to you.

It takes three or the Glitter Ball symbols to spin in to trigger the set of free spins, three or more of the Purple Glitter Ball reel symbols awards you with a set of 10 free spins and those free spins can be re-triggered.

If you manage to get a set of three or more of the Blue Scatter symbols spinning into view then you are awarded with a set of 15 free sins on x3 multiplier values!

Excalibur Slot ? All manner of base game winning combinations can be spun in when you are playing the Excalibur slot game online. The best way to play this slot is with all 20 of its paylines in play as that guarantees that you always have the maximum chances of spinning in both a winning combination via the base game and also via the free spins bonus game.

Three different sets of free spins can be awarded to you when playing this slot game and they are a set of 10 free spins when three scatter symbols spin into view, 20 free spins if four scatter symbols spin into vie and if all five of the scatter symbols and those symbols are the Goblet reel symbols spin into view then 30 free spins will be yours to play off.

It is also worth pointing out that in addition to you being able to play off a set of free spins when three or more scatter symbols have spun into view a bonus scatter pay payout is awarded two or more scatter symbols spin in. That scatter pays bonus payout will be worth 500 times you base game staked amount if all five scatter symbols spin in!

Where to Play NetEnt Free Spin Slot Games

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