The stature of Visual Concepts has been on the upswing ever since they developed and released their Sports 2K line before the millennium. Though they have been in the business for much longer, since 1988 to be precise, and have to their credit a few titles, which have been well received, only after their super successful Sports 2K line did the company earn complete trust and recognition from the people. With the release of their latest game NBA 2K16, obviously, the expectations are quite high!

The Uniqueness of NBA 2K16

Usually, games in the sports genre do not have a story line accompanying it. However, in a departure from the usual practice, NBA 2K16 has been designed with a story concept. In this game, players are required to customise the character. Once this is done, the game as well as the story will commence. The game is about a school student playing basketball and his exploits later at college. The travails of the player who turns a pro after the college days form the next part of the story and the next level of the game.

Appreciation and Criticism

Though there is criticism that the game and the story, for most parts, are quite monotonous and lack excitement, those who are able to see identify with the story, have appreciated both, the content and the game. Another criticism of the game is that the story unfolds far too quickly during the final stretch of the game. But on the positive side, the audio and video quality provided in the game are of very high standard, attracting players to stick with the game.

The Options Available at NBA 2K16

While the players opt for career mode to travel through the game, they later also have the option to extend their characters to successfully take the game forward to its logical conclusion. As a bonus for doing well at the game, players get an extended time of play. These features are appreciated by a majority of the players, thereby, gaining a positive rating for the game.

The Different Modes of Play

After the career mode and choosing the character mode, the game enters the next mode, which is managing the team. Here the story starts as in any real life match scenario where team parleys are held before the match. Playing in this mode is both, fun as well as a useful practice in team management. NBA 2K16 also offers players options to play the game in different styles, namely by pitting players of equal ranking against each other, pick up mode where players play seven games in a row and finally card trading mode. The card trading mode, which is a multi-player game, is considered to be the most entertaining.

An Ideal Game for Hoopsters

NBA 2K16 is by far the best possible option for a basketball fan who wishes to play the game virtually too. With ample choices to play the game in the different modes offered, NBA 2K16 is the first choice of all basketball fans.


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