mythic-maiden-slotMythic Maiden is a video slot that offers a very grand jackpot, which will leave you yearning to play this game more often. This game features all that you?d ever want from a slot game-from wild symbols, jackpots, free spins to scatter symbols.

Mythic Maiden is a video slot with five-reels, which means that you have five reels to make the combination of your win. Also, this game has 30 pay lines, out which you can choose the number of pay lines that you?d like to play with.

The Game of Symbols

The icon of Moon in this game is the wild symbol, which can substitute or replace any other symbol in this game to complete the combination of your win. You need to remember that only one combination wins the payout per line, and it?s always the highest one!

The icon of the Maiden Spirits is the scatter symbol in this game. This scatter symbol can be of great use, but only if you score three or more. When you score three or more of these Maiden Spirit icons on the reels, then you enter the Mythic Maiden Free Spin Bonus game.

When you score three Maiden Spirit icons on the reels, then you win 10 free spins in this game. When you score four Maiden Spirit icons on the reels, then you win 15 free spins in this game. If you manage to score five of these icons on the reels, then you win 30 free spins.

Cracking the Bonus

When you enter this bonus round, you can win a lot more, but your luck also plays a major role here. You?ll either get multipliers or additional free spins for your game. This game is truly rewarding.

You can also win 10x multipliers for your win. When you play this bonus round, you?ll come across an Iron Maiden that opens. It has an award waiting for you. You can get multipliers for your win, which will increase the value of all your wins or win free spins.

Interesting Features of Mythic Maiden Video Slot

This game has many features that enable you to play the game with greater ease. All these features are very common to all the slot games produced by Net Entertainment. Hence, you?ll find these features will be accompanied with all of them.

One of the first features that you?ll come across is called the Bet Lines. This feature lets you select the number of bet lines that you would like to play with. Also, you can choose the number of coins that you would like to bet.

The Spin button in this game commences your game, and the amount of your bet gets reduced from your account. On the other hand, the Skill Stop Spin feature lets you stop the spin whenever you want. All you need to do is click on the Spin button to stop that particular spin. This feature doesn?t stop the game.

Another innovative feature is Maxbet. This lets you play with the maximum bet without having to go through the hassle of choosing the number of lines and coins one at a time. By clicking Maxbet, automatically maximum number of lines will be enabled to play this slot game.

There are a number of other setting options that you can change in this game as per your convenience. To do that, go to the game panel and click on the icon of the spanner. All the options will be revealed and you can change them as and when.

Mythic Maiden Video Slot is one of a king slot game that people of all age groups will enjoy.


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