mystery-at-the-mansion-slotThere are quite a few people who have a fondness for mysteries and thrillers. Keeping this trend in mind, Net Entertainment came up with another online video slot called the Mystery at the Mansion.

The premise of this slot is a mansion mystery and is inspired by popular characters like Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. This video slot has 25 winning bet lines with five reels. But this slot has no gamble features. However, it does have an interesting bonus feature that keeps popping up every now and then for the players.

The graphics of this slot are realistic and crisp, while the sound effects are ghostly and adapt to the theme perfectly. Mystery at the Mansion video slot can be played in two modes-real cash and demo. In order to play this slot, you don?t need to download or install it on your system. You can play it in your browser.

Mysterious Symbols

Some icons of this slot are Dagger, Bottle of Poison, Candlestick, Queen, King and Revolver.

Like most NetEnt slot games, the wild symbols can be replaced with all the symbols, but not the scatter symbols. Wild symbols of this video slot are Detectives, while Weird Buildings are the scatter symbols.

The Colonel Bonus symbols are the prominent ones in this slot game. You have the freedom to set the stakes as per your choice, whether it is only a penny or higher slots. If you are willing to kill, you have to concentrate on the wild symbol.

The Butler is the Jackpot symbol. This can award you a jackpot of maximum 7,500 coins.

When three or more Weird Buildings (or mansions) are seen anywhere on the reels, the free spins bonus round is activated. If any three of the weird buildings appear in only one spin, then you get a total of 10 free spins.

If any four of the Weird Buildings emerge out of one spin, you get 20 free spins, and if five scatter symbols emerge from a single spin, you are rewarded a total of 30 free spins.? All the winnings will be multiplied to 3 during the free spins. In this way this slot can reward you with really good prizes.

The core bonus game of the Mystery at the Mansion is activated when three or more Colonel Bonus symbols appear. In this bonus game, you have to decide a motive and solve the mystery. The mystery will be in a dark room and will have to be solved in three stages, with weapons and characters of your choice. The bonus round is very easy and you?re certain to win cash amounts. If you are able to guess correctly, then the wins for each guess will be doubled.

Mystery at the Mansion Video Slot Playing Instructions

  • Every new coin that you bet, you have to select a different pay line.
  • Your system will check winning combinations of symbols whenever the reels stop.
  • The maximum amount of bet per spin is 50.00 and the minimum is 0.01.
  • If there is more than one winning combination, you are rewarded for the value of the highest combination only.
  • The symbols pay from left to right reel in consecutive order, but not the scatter symbol of Mystery Mansion. The scatter symbols can pay anywhere.
  • The amounts which are shown in this slot are in Pounds. But if you wish to play in Euros, US Dollars or Canadian Dollars, the amount still remains the same.
  • Wins which are coincided on separate pay lines are all added in the end.


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