You may be an avid mobile slot player, and if so then we have dedicated this slot playing guide to you! For below you are going to find a range of helpful hints and mobile slot playing tips that could enable you to get some much more enjoyable, entertaining and with some luck some additional winning opportunities!

Whilst you will be at the mercy of a random number generator no matter what type of mobile slot game you finally end up choose to play, you will find the following hints and playing tips quite useful, and you never know when putting them into action on your next real money slot playing session you could end up ahead of the game and winning a sizeable amount of cash!

Play Maximum Lines or Coins ? Whilst every slot game will have its own long term payout percentage you will find to get a good chance of hitting, achieving and even exceeding that RTP over your long term play you will need to play every single payline offered on the slot you are playing.

This is something you should always do when playing progressive slot games for example as many of those slots will only ever have the progressive jackpots attached to them in live play when you are playing maximum paylines and often maximum coins too!

If you choose to play some of the older three reel mobile slot games then always take a look at the pay tables of those classic slots, for when you play the maximum number of coins possible on the one single payline you will often notice the jackpot payout is boosted in value.

With that in mind you are going to be getting the maximum winning opportunities on most mobile slot games when you play maximum payline spins and have in play the maximum number of coins too.

As most mobile slots will of course let you fully adjust the coin values in play on them, you can always set those values down to the lowest amount which will then no see you having to play for very high stake amounts when playing max bet spins!

Play High RTP Mobile Slots ? Every single mobile slot you will be able to play on any type of mobile device is going to have been designed with a pay table attached to it. The number of each reel symbol listed on that pay table and the number of reel symbols on each reel will see the slot end up playing out to a certain RTP which is simply the name given to the payout percentage attached to any slot game.

You will find the payout percentage can vary on most mobile slot games and the slots you therefore need to be playing are those which have been designed to payout a larger amount of the stakes fed into them.

On each of our mobile and online slot game reviews you will find information regarding those slot games payout percentages, and as such read them all through and make a shortlist of the slots with the highest payout percentages and stick to playing those slots!

Make Use of Bonuses and Comps ? One aspect to playing mobile slot games at any mobile casino site which you will often find too hard to resist are the range of bonuses and comps those sites give away to new and regular players.

It is always the case that you will be awarded comps when playing real money mobile slots at all of our featured casino sites and will get offered more than your fair share of bonuses.

Further down this slot playing guide we have listed a couple of our top rated mobile casino sites, and by checking out our exclusive bonus codes, if you sign up as a new player at those respective sites you can use those bonus codes to claim some huge valued slot deposit match bonuses.

Those bonuses will always ensure you get lots of extended play time when playing the range of slots offered at those two casinos which could see you ending that session in profit!

Avoid the Gamble Game Feature ? One final slot playing tip we would like you to consider thinking about is when you are playing a slot offering some form of gamble game.

You will not need us how difficult it can be sometimes to actually spin in a winning combination when playing some mobile slots! The gamble game option when offered will give you the chance of doubling or quadrupling that winning payout that has finally spun in by playing some form of gamble game.

The most common type of gamble game is a playing card predicting one where you are faced with guessing the suit or the colour of a card about to be dealt out in front of you.

When playing slots the gamble game option can, when you keep on making an incorrect decision on what the suit or the colour of the next card will be, eat away at your bankroll quite significantly. With that in mind we would suggest that when playing any slot offering a gamble game you always refuse to take it.

Whilst you could always achieve a winning outcome when taking the gamble game if you do not and you are playing on a limited bankroll those constant losing outcomes will see your casino account balance quickly dwindle away to nothing!

Best Mobile Casino Sites Offering Lots of Slot Games

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