My mobile phone is 4 times more powerful than my first PC. It is not a phone, it is a computer, it is a media server, it is video player, and it is a gaming console. The new found power of mobile devices is allowing for new games that are full blown applications. We all loved ?Jelly Car? when we downloaded it on our iPods. We were engrossed in the gross meat grinder ?Happy Wheels?; still are. But, our choices are now ?Final Fantasy VI?, ?Knights of the Old Republic?, are you kidding me? I just got comfortable with my graphical qwerty keyboard. This is too fast, this too much, this is awesome!

An app on Google Play can be as large as 4GigaBytes. Quad-core processing allows coding custom threads that will run upwards of 2.3GHz. If you yourself are an amateur or professional developer, you can even run ?javaIDEdroid? on your device. In any profession you have to work right? Games cost money. You can install ?Microsoft Office Suite? and take care of all your document needs, making use of long layovers. Of course, with the games we have now ? what to do, what to do? Many of us, in our work, spend a lot of time mobile, and these ever expanding platforms pay for themselves. I use to justify my cell phone bills with only the ?honey do? calls that saved me from going all the way home, only to go back out. Now, with a static IP address at home, I can even carry any desktop references in my pocket. I can often do the same work in half the time, or more if I am so inclined.

I would remiss in my duties to not consider the cameras we have now on our devices. Even with the inherent storage our phones and tablets have right out of the box, we can document an entire event, or an entire day. There is also a plethora of entertainment value our pics can offer. Clipping and pasting apps themselves can be a lot of fun, but animation is hilariously fun. Animation apps like ?SKIT? can utilize your camera roll photos, or clips of them, to create madcap scenes. You can use your images in game animations for a whimsical and original app. There are some really innovative games like ?SpecTrek?, and ?Zombies, Run!? that use your camera as a view finder. Your actual surroundings are riddled with ghosts or zombies that you must shoot or evade; this would be a blast with friends. I promise it will promote some cuddling with a fit bird or bloke.

Don?t give up your gaming consoles or PCs just yet, screen size and surround sound can make a good thing better. Being drawn into your game is a little easier on at least a 27 inch monitor; even better on a 51 inch plasma.


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