Xbox One users will agree that the use of the controller is central to their gaming experience on a PC. Of course, users of Sony PlayStation consoles will not agree with this, but the controller makes an immense difference to how the Xbox One is played, especially when it comes to playing games on a PC. The only drawback of the controller is that it is wired, and this places restrictions on how it can be used.

Microsoft is set to make things easier for Xbox One users by releasing a brand new gaming accessory that makes it easy to use the Xbox One?s Wireless Controller to play games on the PC. The new product is a wireless adapter that is designed to be used for a PC. The new controller adapter for Windows 10 was released on 20 October 2015. It does not cost very much, and users can use their Xbox One controller to play Windows 10 games by paying only $25.

Frequent gamers will be very glad to use the new wireless?adapter for the PC, which is a USB dongle. The wireless adapter has many uses, but it can primarily be used for playing games that have been steamed from the Xbox One to the PC, in addition to Windows games. It can also be used to play games on a tablet or a laptop. As a matter of fact, the adapter gives the Windows 10 system practically all the functions of the Xbox. All that is required in order to use it is a USB port (2.0 or 3.0). Since this wireless adapter is dependent on placement, Microsoft also offers it with a USB extension cable so that the system has improved accessibility and usability.

The Xbox One Wireless Controller Adaptor does not support the Xbox 360 because it has its own adapter. Microsoft has also mentioned that the installation of the wireless dongle will involve a firmware update, which incidentally will involve ISP charges. However, it is unlikely that the download will be so big as to require a big charge. Microsoft is definitely leaving no stones unturned to bring high quality gaming to Windows 10 users. The company is working to integrate the Windows 10 and Xbox platforms so as to provide a superior gaming experience with a wide range of choices to users.

It is interesting to note that Microsoft had previously announced $80 bundle consisting of an Xbox One controller in addition to the adapter. The company has probably decided to sell the adapter at a lower price point, which is why it seems to have unbundled it as of now.

In related news from Microsoft, the company has been unveiling a few new devices recently. It recently launched the Surface Book, its first laptop, and there is a great deal of buzz around it because of the company?s claims that it runs much faster than the MacBook Pro. The company also launched a brand new mixed-reality video game for the HoloLens, Project X-Ray.


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